The Horror Honeys: Meet the Honeys

Meet the Honeys

The Horror Honeys is a collection of strong minded, badass women with foul mouths who are in love with all things horror. We write, live tweet, interview, podcast, panel, rant, and rave about everything we love (and hate) about the horror genre. 

The Horror Honeys are Full-On Female Fronted Horror, 
without all that bullshit about being a victim.

Head Honey One - Kat (@horrorhoneys)
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Being Head Honey is a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. Acting as Webmistress, Editor, Honey Collector, Twitter weapon, and Media Liaison... in short, I'm the bitch in charge. Each of the badass Honeys below represent an aspect of the multi-faceted face of horror in all its sub-genre glory!

My relationship with horror and the darker side of life started at 4 years old, when I began professing my undying love for Vincent Price, Halloween, and spooky cartoons.

As Head Honey, you'll see articles and reviews from me that don't necessarily fit into any of the specific sub-genres including short film, independent cinema, horror art, horror news and festival features. I love to live tweet movies, and if I don't like something, I'm not afraid to tell you to your face that I thought it was shit, and I'll have a good reason for it too.

When I'm not trapped on the interwebs, I'm a horror author, social media consultant, makeup artist, movie addict, obsessive reader, history buff, and oddity collector (I like to collect human teeth, mourning photos and jewelry and other weird shit).

"...Death makes angels of us all, and gives us wings where once we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws..." - Jim Morrison

Welcome to our delicious nightmare...

Head Honey Part Deux - Linnie (@linnieloowho)
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"Martyrs are exceptional people. They survive pain, they survive total deprivation. They bear all the sins of the earth. They give themselves up. They transcend themselves... they are transfigured." ~ Martyrs (2008)

Once upon a time, I was the Revenge Honey. And it was glorious. But times change, and a girl can only carry so many switchblades while still wielding them with aplomb. So now, I am Head Honey Part Deux, working with Kat to keep this well-bloodied machine running smoothly. And I love it so.

As a wee Honey Bee, I came to horror through my grandfather, a man who used the genre to escape the traumas of an exceptionally difficult childhood. He helped nourish my love of all things spooky, and when my own life became hard to handle, it was horror that saved me. Without horror, I wouldn't be here, and so I spend my days trying to foster a similar appreciation among others for this red-headed stepchild of the film world.

Now, you can find my column The Steam Room in Belladonna magazine, where I share my adoration of the erotic thriller each month. I write screenplays with Kat (and you can read all about them here). I am a published author. My newest baby is Day of the Animals, where we help warn floof-lovers about animal death in movies. But I am a Horror Honey. And that will always be the first thing I tell strangers on the subway... even when they didn't ask.

"Just because something isn't good doesn't mean it's bad!" ~ Spider Baby (1967)

The Revenge Honey - Addison  (@Addison_Peacock)
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Think of the worst thing you've ever done to a person. Something beyond forgiveness or dismissal. Now think of that person stopping at nothing to see you burn. And think of me, sitting on my couch in a silken bathrobe and a face mask, cackling as I live tweet the entire thing.

I am the Revenge Honey, a genre-savvy fan girl whose favorite wine pairing is $8 pinot noir with the sweet, sweet taste of schadenfreude, and i'm here to unwrap the most satisfying depths of vindictive depravity that television and film have to offer.

My hobbies include musical theatre, collaging texts from ex-lovers into inspirational mood boards, and the split second of fear when you look into the eyes of a woman with nothing left to lose. I also enjoy cooking, but I respect that revenge, like gazpacho, is a dish best served cold.

You can find me on the NoSleep podcast, the Cryptid Keeper podcast, and on Twitter at @Addison_Peacock. You can't, however, find me in the last place you left me, and you may not like what happens if you come looking.

I am the Revenge Honey, but first and foremost I am a Horror Honey. The Head Honey may be the eternal judge on high of all that is spooky and scary, but I've got the hellfire of a thousand scorned women and a ravenous craving for justice. You better believe it'll be poetic.

The Sci-Fi Honey - Katie (@moonrisesister)
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Greetings, people of Earth! And also creatures from other planets, if you’re a fan of horror and happened to have stumbled upon our site.  

I know you’re out there.

I’ve been a fan of all the horror genre has to offer since I first cracked Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, but my love of sci-fi is firmly rooted in television. I cannot recall a happier time in my childhood than being cozied up on the sofa taking in the warm black-and-white haze of The Twilight Zone, simultaneously terrified, thrilled, and inspired. To this day, I would marry Rod Serling’s re-animated corpse if I could.

The best that the sci-fi genre has to offer allows us to experience creatures and worlds we’d otherwise have no concept of, entirely out of the grasp of our wildest collective imagination. And then, of course, there’s the utter crap of the genre – the kinds of films that MST3K dreams are made of – and for all their badness there’s something so magnificent about a man attempting to look otherworldly in a rubber suit, a tinfoil UFO on a fishing line, and the comfortably familiar pew! pew! sound of a firing laser. Good or bad, there’s always something of value that we can take from art that dares to invite us into another realm.

Join me, will you, as we surmount the heights of the sci-fi genre in its universe-expanding glory, and plumb the depths of the very worst that a low-rent B-movie has to offer. From killer robots to little green men, together we can discover what truths are out there.

I am the Sci-Fi Honey, but a Horror Honey foremost. The Revenge Honey may have the sharpest knives in the business, but I have things that will beam you straight out of your nightmares and into the vast recesses of time and space.

The Hardcover Honey - Jocelyn (@jbrivard)
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Quiet in the library! Or you won't hear the things that are creeping up on you in the stacks...

I am the Hardcover Honey and I will cut you if I see you dog-earing a book. Sure, movies and TV can bring the thrills, but nothing scares like the scenarios you can design in your own mind when you're deep between the covers of some super-creepy reading material. Whether you're a victim of The Strain, find yourself deep in The Ruins, or just want to take a turn as a Gone Girl, the Hardcover Honey can help steer you towards the freakiest fiction out there.

Why am I the Hardcover Honey? Starting as a tiny bookworm in the 80's means I spent lots of time exploring the stacks at the local used bookstore and working my way inexorably through every starter horror like Lois Duncan, on to Stephen King, Robert McCammon, some Skipp & Spector, a little Grounding of Group 6...

When I don't have my brain buried in a book, you can find me catching up on zombie movies or guiding my littlest horror fan through some starter horror like Coraline or ParaNorman. In my real life, I practice in the dark and ancient arts of real estate.

I am the Hardcover Honey, but a Horror Honey first - the Sci-Fi Honey may have Death Stars and giant robots and lasers on her team; but I possess the rage of a thousand suspense and thriller authors and my stack of books grows taller and taller and taller... closing you in until you have no choice but to pick one and start your journey.

The Gamer Honey - Jess (@M3tal_Jess)
Coming soon!

The Slasher Honey - Chassity (@ChassMM)
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There’s something real about a guy with a knife who just… snaps.

I remember what it was like to fall in love for the first time; because that first love was with slashers at the young age of ten, thanks to Scream. Fast forward to today, and for all these years since, I’ve been “that weird girl who knows way too much about movie serial killers.”

I am a child of the modern age and am unashamed of that, and as such I find comfort in things that are familiar because they embrace the technology and pop culture phenomena of current times. I like the self-referential nature of slashers as they are today. I like the feeling of knowing the formula that’s so prevalent but going into a film wondering how this one is going to be different (will the jock with the blond girlfriend turn out be to the hero instead of the jerk chauvinist that dies in a rather satisfying way? Will the virgin die and the sarcastic, scantily clad girl turn out to be the Final Girl?) . I like the feeling of people looking at me like I’m weird as I cheer at the death of each archetype.

My first slashers were a gateway drug that led me to become the broader horror fanatic that I am today. Anyone who knows me knows that it’s my love of horror movies (particularly Saw) that is responsible for my pursuit of my dream of writing. Without Scream, without Child’s Play or Urban Legends, and the other slashers I grew up on, I’d never have grown to appreciate the horror genre as a whole.

Why am I the Slasher Honey? Because it takes a lot to scare me, and if anything’s gonna do it, rest assured it’d be the reality of knowing it’s not a creature threatening me, but a real human, with real weapons, coming after people for no reason at all. Because I think killer dolls, a child in a clown costume holding a knife, or a mysterious serial killer orchestrating murders that act out urban legends, are all brilliant and badass. And because I love being the expert on all the tropes and clich├ęs of this genre. If you like discussing the history of Jason and Michael, or elaborating on the rules of surviving a horror movie that Jamie Kennedy first laid out, I’m your girl. If you want to know what slasher archetype you’d be if you were in a horror movie, I’m your girl. Consider me your real life, female, Randy Meeks.

I am the Slasher Honey, but first and foremost I am a Horror Honey. The Gamer Honey may control a terrifying 2D world, but don’t mess with me, because I’ve got a collection of machetes that would make even Mrs. Voorhees jealous.

The Zombie Honey - Bella (@MissBellaBlitz)
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It has been said that: I am a traditional, slow mover; enjoying idle hours of staring with no focal point, meandering about with no particular place to go, and grunting my words when enraged or startled, and the occasional “BEEEAAARDS” has been known to escape my lips, as has drool.

All of these things are true. 

I fear only two things in life: sharks and zombies. And, while I immerse myself in the ever deepening cesspool of torn flesh, dead eyes, and hungry bellies, I realize: zombies and sharks are pretty interchangeable and my fear is completely justified. 

Zombies were not my first introduction to horror, but they are a big part of why I still love it. They were people. (Not in the Soylent Green sense, that would be the living, if roles were reversed, which would be cannibalism - which isn’t really my cup of tea and crackers - get it? Crackers!) Despite their undeadness, they are constantly changing. Which is terrifying. The “zombie” is always in a state of evolution depending on what the story is and who is telling it.

“I always thought of the zombies as being about revolution, one generation consuming the next.” 
- George A. Romero

Why am I the Zombie Honey? It’s not just because I sometimes go into a blind rage and destroy everything around me or because when I’m hungry I cannot word. It’s because the zombie sub-genre of horror is an endless realm of possibilities and probabilities. Zombie horror single-handedly kept me in friendships, made me question medical research, and helped me become a good shot shooting (if you get that reference, good on ya). The ever increasing zombie horror vault keeps me redefining what a zombie is and figuring out how I’m going to protect myself from them. And, should I fail, how I’m going to turn all of you into one of us.

When I’m not knee deep in guts and gore and brains I can usually be found knee deep in photoshop and yarn and crayons. And, when I’m not writing about living dead things here, you can find my other words at You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you’re into that sort of thing.

I am the Zombie Honey, but first and foremost, I am a Horror Honey. The Slasher Honey may have a collection of machetes that would make even Mrs. Voorhees jealous, but I’ve got a preternatural hunger that can never be sated and I’m coming for you.

The Monster Honey - Sarah (@sarahjosmiley)
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“ all the monsters in my nursery: May you never leave me alone.”
- Guillermo Del Toro

On a dark and stormy night, in a laboratory underneath an abandoned (and haunted, don’t forget haunted) video rental store, a scientist is at work. He stitches together a mouth for sarcastic comments, hands to type, eyes made for curiosity and movie marathons, a brain of useless movie trivia, and a beating, bloody heart filled with love for all things macabre. One bolt of lightning later a creature arose from the slab, THE MONSTER HONEY!!

Well, actually it’s more like a girl from London, England watched too many movies and read Frankenstein a lot, but the first one sounds cooler. My horror journey is still very much a work in progress, but I like to think that what I lack in quantity I make up for in quality. Nevertheless I do have quite the List of Shame and always look forward to discovering new films.

Why am I the Monster Honey? I take great delight in all monsters, whether they be Werewolves, vampires, kaiju, mummies, killer aquatic life, or mad science experiments gone wrong. The good ones are great, but the bad ones are even better. 

I am the Monster Honey, but first and foremost I am a Horror Honey, the Zombie Honey might be coming for you with a preternatural hunger that can never be sated, but I know the creatures that live in the dark under your bed, and they owe me a favour.

The True Crime Honey - Coming Soon!

The Musical Horror Honey - Brittany (@StellaLibretto)
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"I gave you my music, made your song take wing.
And now, how you've repaid me, denied me and betrayed me..."

Ever since hearing the "scary music" of Phantom of the Opera at the tender age of three, I have been obsessed with all things musical theatre. From being the world's most overexcited Jekyll and Hyde superfan (yes - I do watch the David Hasselhoff recording of it) to belting out Murder Ballad in the car - if it's a musical, I probably can sing along with you. And if it's a horror musical, well... even better. 

If it's not musical theatre playing in my earbuds, it's the melodic tunes of metal. Wait... metal? Yup - these seemingly different genres have in common their often complex musical arrangements. Plus, both of these genres incite people to a whole lot of feelings. There are few things scarier than knowing that the power of music can make us feel just about anything. 

Why am I the Musical Horror Honey? Because while film and books can ignite our imaginations, music can ignite our feelings - of love, of hate, of happiness, of sadness, and of fear. Without the music, horror films are just images. It's those squeaking violins and tubular bells that build the sense of fear that creeps down the back of your neck in the dark theatre.

I am the Musical Horror Honey, but I am a Horror Honey first - the Monster Honey might know the creatures that live in the dark under your bed, but I know the voices and songs in your head that will never, ever leave you alone.

The Comics Honey - Doris (@DorVSutherland)
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“The detrimental effect on character is if anything worse on girls than on boys. Their ego-ideal formation is interfered with by the fascination of the sadistic female comic-book heroines.” - Fredric Wertham

Horror comics! The seducers of innocents, the four-colour fearmongers, the sequential art that makes you squeal. Where baseball players have games with dismembered corpses, where Japanese high schools are invaded by zombies, and where cackling ghouls invite us to partake in an endless banquet of morbid delights.

As the resident Comics Honey, I have been fascinated by horror comics ever since learning of the moral panic that hit America and Britain in the 1950s. Since then, I have racked up a considerable collection of creepy comics, morbid manga and freaky fumetti. I am always on the look-out for the weirdest and most warped new takes on the genre – although I have a soft-spot for the more traditional yarns about vampires, werewolves and zombies, as well.

A second speciality of mine is LGBT themes – as I belong to two of those categories myself, I’m probably the queerest member of the crew. Lesbian vampires, gender-bending serial killers and bicurious skeletons are all regular sights over at my place. Well, when they are not obscured by stacks of graphic novels.

The Musical Horror Honey might know the voices and songs in your head that will never, ever leave you alone, but I have a comic collection that would make a 1950s child psychologist weep for humanity.

The Supernatural Honey - Kim
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From the moment that weird little kid muttered, "I see dead people," I had a mission. I too, wanted to see dead people. I tried a Ouija Board for the first time when I was 12 and attempted my first ghost hunt when I was 15. It didn't go so great. Apparently, hanging out in a cemetery with a group of your friends hoping a ghost might stroll by is not the most effective method for finding one. As I pursued my theatre degree, my fascination with spirits (of both the liquid and dead variety) only grew. It is a well known fact that all theatres are, in fact, haunted. Look it up. Late night rehearsals became impromptu seances, as we serenaded the ghosts with the songs of RENT and Bat Boy. The ghosts must have hated us.

It wasn't until an experience while I was in grad school in the UK my mid 20s that I fully embraced my belief in the supernatural and started the process of clumsily trying to search for ghosts.

I have since refined my methods and currently work not just as a paranormal investigator, but as a paranormal tour guide in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square.

I've been a lover of all horror since a very young age. I started watching old B-horror films with my mom as a young child, and soon moved onto the edited for TV slashers that aired late at night on USA. I was hooked. I devoured every movie I could get my hands on, and that remains true even today.

Though the dead can be creepy and scary, the scariest work I do is probably that of an educator and director of children's theatre. Casper ain't got nothing on a stage mom. In the rest of my spare time I act, direct, and write plays.

I am the Supernatural Honey, but I am a Horror Honey first. The Comics Honey might have a comic collection that would make a 1950s child psychologist weep for humanity, but I talk to dead people, and sometimes... they talk back.

The Classics Honey - Sam (@themeatispeople)
Coming Soon!