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Past Podcast Guests Include:
Lin Shaye - Genre Legend
Roger Corman - Genre Legend
Tony Todd - Sushi Girl, Candyman
Scott Derrickson - Sinister, Deliver Us From Evil
Leigh Whannell - writer/director/actor Insidious seriesSawDead Silence
Jason Blum - Blumhouse Studios
Ciaran Foy - director Citadel, Sinister 2
C. Robert Cargill - writer - Sinister, Sinister 2
Greg Nicotero - Makeup FX Master
Bill Moseley - Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Devil's Rejects, Z Nation
Denise Crosby - Pet Sematery, The Walking Dead
Pat Healy - Cheap Thrills, Starry Eyes
Ethan Embry - Cheap Thrills, Masters of Horror
David Koechner - Cheap Thrills, Piranha 3DD
William Mapother - Lost, The Atticus Institute 
James Zeruk - author/historian The Peg Entwistle Story
Nick Cutter - author: The Deep/The Troop
Evil Dead: The Musical! - Vancouver Cast
Andrew Furtado - editor Nightbreed Director's Cut
Michael Ojeda/Jason Gurvitz -writer/director/producer Avenged
Dennis Widmeyer/Kevin Kolsch - writer/directors Starry Eyes
Kiah Roach-Turner - writer/director Wyrmwood

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