The Horror Honeys: Looks that Kill - 6 “Revenge Honey Approved” Halloween Costumes

Looks that Kill - 6 “Revenge Honey Approved” Halloween Costumes

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A Halloween-Ready List with Revenge Honey Addison 

It’s finally here, my sisters. It’s that glorious month where pumpkins are on every doorstep, where the Witching Hour turns to the Witching Month, and where all our favorite horror films are all playing on TV again. Most of all, it’s the month of Halloween, where we have the chance to dress up as anything and everything we’ve ever wanted to be. As Buffy Summers once said, Halloween is “come as you aren’t night," everyone’s chance to be as scary or sexy (or both) as everyday life will never allow.

Need a revenge-themed group costume? Rat poison not included.
In honor of this holiest of Horrordays, I’ve compiled six Revenge Honey-approved ideas for Halloween costumes for those who want to try something with a little bite this year. These costumes range from the easily put-together with pieces from your local thrift store or your own closet, to some that require a little more investment and special effects makeup acumen. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but there’s nothing wrong with serving fresh hot looks right along with it.

1. Anyanka - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The first costume on this list is not a simple undertaking, but no Revenge-themed costume list is complete without an appearance from our favorite Vengeance Demon. Before she was a fan favorite, newly human Anya Jenkins, Anyanka spent thousands of years as a demon. She was the best in her field, too, an expert at carrying out vengeance on men who wronged women. If you have a knack for special effects makeup and a love of poetic justice, then Anyanka is the look for you.

You’ll need: a cardigan, a simple-yet-cute solid color dress (light green preferably), liquid latex, scar wax, your regular makeup kit, a steady hand, and the urge to punish philandering men everywhere.

2. Carrie White - Carrie

Carrie White was a sweet, average girl (give or take a bit of telekinesis) who just wanted to have fun at the prom. Unfortunately for her, a group of bullies had other ideas. Unfortunately for them, their pig’s blood-soaked prank would be the last thing they ever did. If you want to dress up as a kindhearted girl who just couldn’t take it anymore, and don’t mind being a little sticky all night, this just might be the costume choice for you.

You’ll need: a pink dress, a floral corsage, & buckets of fake blood. Psychic powers are optional!

3. Lola Stone - The Loved Ones

If blood sports aren’t for you, but you still want a prom-themed costume, Lola might just be your girl. Who doesn’t love a pretty pink dress paired with power tools? When the boy she likes turns her down for the big school dance, Lola decides to take the night into her own hands and give herself the dance she deserves, whether her date wants to be there or not. Even when you force your way onto the throne, it’s good to be Queen.

You’ll need: A pink plastic crown, a flouncy hot pink dress, a cordless drill, and a wide-eyed look of terrible determination.

4. Julie - The Bride Wore Black

For a classy look with a little more timeless elegance, you might want to turn to the title character of this 1968 French classic. After the devastating death of her husband, Julie decides to take revenge on all of the men responsible for his death. Now, that’s a woman with a plan and a lot more dedication than many of us have. Talk about an icon! And who doesn’t look good in black?

You’ll need: A black dress, black coat, black gloves, black shoes, a black shawl, and a black heart. Warning: those less-initiated in the horror life may assume you are dressed as The Woman in Black.

5. Veronica Sawyer - Heathers

When you need a look that says: “my teen angst bullshit now has a body count,” you can always turn to Veronica Sawyer. Fed up with the hypocrisy and cruelty of her classmates, Veronica embarks on a deliberate vengeance spree with accidentally deadly consequences, and rocks iconic 1980s looks the entire time. Sure, you could be a Heather for Halloween, but why not dress as Winona Ryder’s foul-mouthed Final Girl instead? You can look like Hell because you just got back.

You’ll need: A light blue jacket, black crop top, blue ruffled skirt, and black tights. The slushie, cigarette, and handgun are optional.

6. Nancy - The Craft

October is the Season of the Witch, so it only seems fair to honor the Number One Bad Witch of the 90s. Her methods may not always be the most palatable, but it can certainly be said that Nancy takes absolutely no shit. She is loveably nasty, unbelievably powerful, and is an unequivocal goth fashion icon. Slide on her spiky all-black ensemble and cast a spell over anyone who sees you. Or a hex. It all depends on what kind of mood you’re in.

You’ll need: A black dress, all the necklaces you can find, a spiked choker, a nose ring, gothic cross earrings, and as much dark eyeliner as you can fit on your lids.

Of course, no one can (or should) tell you what to wear or how to celebrate your Special Spooky Day. These are merely suggestions. Think of them as a foundation upon which to build a completely kickass costume that is uniquely fearsome and uniquely you. Just make sure to dress up in a way that makes you feel powerful, and remember: if your Halloween Tricks happen to involve good old-fashioned vengeance, your costume can also make for a handy disguise.