The Horror Honeys: Exclusive Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of British Slasher 'Clownface'

Exclusive Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of British Slasher 'Clownface'

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Photos courtesy of Alex Bourne & Mark Adams
No one talks about the disappearances. People leave. Accidents happen. But the legends are true: this town is home to Clownface, and he's ready for his next performance.

Fans of 80s-style slashers are in for a treat: we’ve snagged an exclusive Horror Honeys sneak peek behind the scenes of upcoming British horror film Clownface!

Set in the English Midlands, Clownface is the story of a small town with an eerie urban legend. There’s a rumor that a sadistic killer stalks the area, wearing a grinning mask stitched together from human flesh… The locals might pretend that people just “disappear” or have dreadful “accidents,” but the truth is far more sinister and bloodier.

The film follows Jenna (Hannah Douglas, U Want Me 2 Kill Him?), who is left traumatized after her friend Zoe (Danni Tonks) is abducted. A year later, she meets Owen (Richard Buck, The House of Screaming Death), a man dealing with his own terrible trauma. Owen is convinced that Zoe is still alive and being kept prisoner by the being known as Clownface (Philip Bailey, Doctor Who). And they might just be next on the killer’s list…

Clownface comes to us from Hellbound Media, best known for their horror comics like Slaughterhouse Farm and Shock Value. Founded by horror fans (if the Hellraiser-inspired name didn’t give it away), Hellbound Media set out to create a brutal and unsettling film that draws inspiration from the 80s-era slashers they grew up watching, as well as from psychological horror flicks and dramatic thrillers. In the vein of movies like Saw, a prequel comic delving deeper into the world of Clownface will also be available to supporters of their Kickstarter.

Band Lesbian Bed Death
Creating the music for the film is award-winning composer Hans Michael Anselmo Hess, no stranger to creepy horror scores. The music of badass female-fronted Gothic Punk / Hard Rock band Lesbian Death Bed will also feature on the soundtrack, including an original track “Video Nasty,” written especially for the film. The band is even making a cameo, though it isn’t clear how many of them will survive to the end credits.

We love a good slasher here at Horror Honeys HQ. To discover more about the making of the film, we caught up with Clownface’s writer and director Alex Bourne (The House of Screaming Death) and producer Mark Adams (writer and director of Carnival of Sorrows).

“Growing up on 80s horror films, it has always been a dream of mine to make one of my own,” Bourne told us. “The elaborate gore and blood effects always fascinated me, so when I began to dabble with making my own films with friends at the age of 10, I also began to learn about different techniques to make props and SFX makeup. Unfortunately for my family’s sake, it was not a phase, and making blood-soaked movies and effects have stayed with me. I feel that making Clownface will be a great contribution to horror, as well as paying homage to its writers and directors and practical special effects wizards who gave us all nightmares and kickstarted my own obsession.”

Clownface takes the 80s slasher and throws it, thematically, into the 21st century,” says Adams. “The film explores areas of alternative sexuality, identity, and trauma, whilst still maintaining all the chills, thrills, and entrails you’d expect from a brutal slasher movie. The honesty of Alex’s characters, his vision for the film, and the subtleties in its themes are the elements that drew me to Clownface. With a stellar cast bringing it to life, I can’t wait to be able to share it with everyone!”

Bourne and Adams also shared some never-before-seen photos with us Honeys, from the set of Clownface in the British Midlands.

Filming is currently underway, but you can see an early trailer here. To find out more about Clownface or to help contribute to the blood-soaked finale the production team is planning, check out the team’s Kickstarter page. Reward tiers include goodies ranging from t-shirts and signed posters to unique props and even your own death cameo in the finished film. (If any of our readers happen to live nearby and opt for the cameo, we demand to see pics!)

Clownface is expected to be released in early 2018. 
Our thanks to Alex Bourne and Mark Adams for chatting to us!