The Horror Honeys: Better Late Than Never: 'AHS: Cult'

Better Late Than Never: 'AHS: Cult'

A Premiere Review with Musical Horror Honey Brittany

American Horror Story: Cult (2011- )

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American Horror Story has officially started its seventh season. For better or for worse, until this point, the show has created a blend of the supernatural with the historical, the fantastical with the real. With Asylum, we had monsters mixed with Nazis. In Roanoke, reality television was infused with malevolent spirits.

The formula of AHS is pretty damn clear by now. Sometimes it’s entertaining, and sometimes it’s not. However, with the premiere of AHS: Cult, it appears that Ryan Murphy and crew have finally crossed the line from entertaining to terrifying, in the worst ways imaginable.

The season opener, as expected, was all about the 2016 election. The episode begins on Election Night, with Ally (Sarah Paulson), her wife Ivy (Alison Pill), and their family watching Trump be proclaimed the winner. Ally has a complete meltdown in her living room, throwing out some classic liberal cliché statements, in case there was any doubt her political leanings.

In another part of town, Kai (Evan Peters) is sitting in his basement, humping his television and celebrating Trump’s win.

In the following days, Ally begins to experience recurrences of long-standing anxiety and phobic reactions that she previously thought she had had under control. She begins to see clowns all over town, causing her to have panic attacks and freak out. The trouble is, no one else sees these clowns.

Following Trump’s win, Kai is also wandering around town, terrorizing as many people as he can, from throwing coffee on Ally and Ivy to pissing in a condom and throwing it at a group of Hispanic men, spewing racial slurs as he does so. Kai believes that fear should dictate society, and believes Trump’s win is a step on the path towards a new fear-based anarchy.

Cult’s first episode makes it abundantly clear that while there are clowns, and yes, they’re murderous and scary, this season is going to be all about cultivating fear and its ability to influence and affect people in negative ways... including voting for someone whose campaign was based on fear instead of facts.

This theme was painfully pointed out in Ally’s therapy session, where she says that she felt “safe” with Obama, and now, with Trump as president, she doesn’t know how to handle her anxiety.

It was at this point that I decided I didn’t want to watch the rest of this season. The themes that Murphy and team have decided on for this series of AHS are just too blatant, frustrating and frankly, too much to even consider in a way that is entertaining. I’m sure Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Cheyenne Jackson, and the staple actors we’re used to seeing on the series will be fantastic.

But I just… I cannot this season. Maybe I’ll come back next season when the topic is a little less relevant, and a little less obvious.

Musical Horror Honey Rating: 1 deranged smiley face out of 5

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