The Horror Honeys: 'Foolish Mortals' is a Glorious Celebration of the Dark Side of Disney

'Foolish Mortals' is a Glorious Celebration of the Dark Side of Disney

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A Red Carpet Review with Musical Horror Honey Brittany

Foolish Mortals (2017)

There is something incredibly special about being in a room with other superfans, celebrating the thing you are all so passionate about. Such was the case at the world premiere of Foolish Mortals, a (non-Disney sanctioned!) documentary focusing on fans of Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction. Even in the small room where the movie premiered, right across the street from D23, the excitement was infectious, bouncing from person to person, in anticipation of viewing the finished film.

The cheering, laughing, and nods of understanding that the entire audience provided throughout the movie quickly dissolved any fears for the creative team. The film is simply great, and a wonderful homage to the fans it hoped to celebrate.

Directed by James H. Carter II, Foolish Mortals tells the stories of fans from all over the United States who have deep, incredible connections to the Haunted Mansion. From talented cosplayers to former and current Disney Imagineers, to horror celebrities such as Lance Henriksen and SpookyDan Walker, Carter expertly weaves all of these stories to form a narrative around the past, present, and future of the attraction. The film is as informative as it is funny, and beautifully captures the passion of these fans and their love for the dark side of Disney.

Foolish Mortals, in addition to featuring some amazing people (all of whom I would now like to be friends with), is well designed in its orchestration and animated graphics. Periodically throughout the film, elements of the Haunted Mansion have been recreated through 3D modeling. These rooms serve as transitions between different parts of the story. The only complaint that viewers may have about the film is that artist Topher Adam, who tries multiple times to get his amazing artwork in front of Disney and whose journey is followed throughout the film, does not get a satisfactory ending as he has not been contacted back at the time of viewing about featuring his work. Come on Disney!

One of the crowning achievements of the film is the interview with former Disney employee Rolly Crump, who worked with Walt Disney just prior to his death to create the scrapped project The Museum of the Weird, of which elements were later incorporated into the Haunted Mansion. Crump’s unique account of working with Walt Disney on these projects is both touching and funny, while also feeling truly substantial. It is wonderful that his stories could be captured on film.

Seeing so many people who have been inspired to be their authentic selves by the Haunted Mansion, both on film and during the premiere, was a simply glorious experience. If you are a fan of the Haunted Mansion or even just of Disney, this film is a must-watch.

Musical Horror Honey Rating: 4.5 Grim Grinning Ghosts out of 5

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