The Horror Honeys: Weekly Honey Jam - 'Devil's Diary'

Weekly Honey Jam - 'Devil's Diary'

Here in hell's hammock just thinking up deviltry 
Planet-wide panic's a hat that's so old 
I'd rather write about her in my diary 
Could she be mine without selling her soul 
Dirty deeds from a demon seed 
Don't excite me anymore 
Is there one girl 
Just one girl who says 
I'm bigger than Jesus now

It's always a strange experience to absolutely love a band that no one but you seems to remember. For your Revenge Honey, one of those bands is The Caulfields, an alt-rock group who recorded two under-heard albums in the late 90s and then disappeared. I loved them so much, I named my dog Hannah after one of their songs. And while that track is my favorite, "Devil's Diary" was perfect for this week's Honey Jam! So listen, then hit YouTube for a fun time warp back to a simpler decade. ~RH