The Horror Honeys: Weekly Honey Jam - 'I Am, I Feel'

Weekly Honey Jam - 'I Am, I Feel'

Oh you said, "Angel your halo ain't fitted that good for a little while now 
You ain't got that certain glow that I get a kick out of" 
(Like it bothered me) 
I'm taking it on the chin, with a grin 
But my feet are itchin' and itchin' 
And he says, "Don't cry my precious one 
Coz I ain't got no sympathy for you" 
And I am, I feel, like I wanna smash his face in 
Yeah! That'd be fun 
Coz I sure got a fist for a fight

Looking for a "girl power" anthem in these angry as fuck times? Look no further than this (unfortunately) forgotten 1996 track from Alisha's Attic, "I Am, I Feel." Feel like smashing some faces in? Get it girl. We'll be right behind you, blasting this song at 11.