The Horror Honeys: Weekly Honey Jam - 'Juniper Lane'

Weekly Honey Jam - 'Juniper Lane'

Once upon a time there was a girl
Once upon a time there was a boy
Once upon a time their eyes did meet so sweet
On one magic night they fell in love
As the moon and stars they float above
All the pretty things that they spoke of so sweet
On Juniper Lane he held her, and told her he'd take her away
Into the shining light of a better day
Far, far away...

If you're a fan of period-musicals, and 60s sci-fi films, and Jane Levy... then you're probably me. But even if you don't love these very specific things, you will love Jeffrey St. Jules' Bang Bang Baby; a modern homage to all things B-movie and kitsch. Bang Bang Baby is finally available via almost every streaming service, but to entice you to watch it, check out this week's Honey Jam, "Juniper Lane," sung by Jane Levy. It makes my 60s-loving heart skip a beat every time. ~RH

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