The Horror Honeys: Trailer Buzz ~ Clowntergeist... um... yeah.

Trailer Buzz ~ Clowntergeist... um... yeah.

Eye Rolling Honey Buzz by Brittany

Much to our endless disdain, clowns are back in style. From Eli Roth’s body horror flick Clown (read Head Honey Kat's review HERE) to American Horror Story's Twisty to the remake of It, we can expect to see a whole lotta clown in the next year. One of the many films coming out will be Clowntergeist, the full-length directorial debut of Aaron Mirtes.

You read that right. The film is called Clowntergeist, as in the clown-poltergeist hybrid. From the looks of the trailer, the story appears pretty straightforward. Students in their college town for summer session are terrorized by what is described by one of the main characters as a “paranormal shitstorm”: a murderous ghost in clown form.

The phrase “paranormal shitstorm” is pretty fantastic. I hope the rest of the film is just as memorable. I’m not optimistic.

Now, we can only hope that the sudden rise of clown popularity does not cause more crazies to go walking down streets at night dressed as them. Into clown horror? Check out the trailer for Clowntergeist below:


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