The Horror Honeys: The Year Ahead...

The Year Ahead...

Thanks to the recent mainstream popularity of the horror genre, horror websites have become a dime a dozen. Blogs, news sites, opinion pages… They are everywhere. And they all have something to say about horror. Some are run by giant studios, some are run by a guy in his apartment, but one thing is a constant: few of them are run by women. 

The Horror Honeys are approaching their fourth year of life in their current form, and it has been one hell of a ride. We have gone from a website, to a podcast and a website, to a magazine, a podcast, and a website, all with little more than passion and a lot of a caffeine. Unlike a lot of other sites, this isn’t a thing we can commit our days to, so we commit our nights. And weekends. And sleeping hours. And social lives. We work full-time jobs (sometimes more than one), and yet, we give every hour we can spare to sharing our love of horror with you, in new and exciting forms.

The Horror Honeys has always been our baby, and we’ve enjoyed watching her grow. We have so much planned for you in 2017: new shows for YouTube, the return of our podcast, and more surprises. But it is work. Work no one gets paid for, and work we can’t do without your help.

We are women, doing it backwards in platform Doc Martens, and we do it all for love. Love of horror. Love of the genre that shaped us. Love of the things that go bump in the night. And we will keep doing it, with or without. But your support would mean the world to us, and we mean it from the bottom of our sparkly black hearts.

With stabby love,
Kat, Linnie, & Bella

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