The Horror Honeys: A Year of Women in Film ~ Week 2!

A Year of Women in Film ~ Week 2!

Another year, another project at The Horror Honeys! In 2016, we took part in the #52FilmsByWomen project, putting our own spin on it by focusing on horror films and thrillers written or directed by ladies. This year, we've decided to open it up to a bigger array of genres, and are including films by iconic female writers, directors, and even producers! The list for 2017 was compiled by all the Horror Honeys, and includes some classics, as well as some lesser known favorites. So join us on our live tweeting journey. It's going to be a hell of a year.

Writer/director/costume designer/editor/actress Julia Taymor
When it comes to those working in the arts, Julie Taymor works harder than most anyone, man or woman. She is a writer and director of films and theatre. She has worked as an editor, a costume designer and makeup artist, and an actress. She crafts lush worlds from the words of Shakespeare and Beatles songs and the lives of iconic painters. We will cover her films multiple times this year, but our first is one of her most unflinching: a graphic, abstract, and sumptuous adaptation of William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus, simply called Titus. In this film, revenge is anything but sweet.

Join us on Friday as we watch Titus
for our next #AYearofWomeninFilm live tweet!

Titus is only available via DVD. What's up with that, Fox?