The Horror Honeys: Honey Holiday Gift Guides - The Musical Horror Honey's List!

Honey Holiday Gift Guides - The Musical Horror Honey's List!

The holiday shopping season is upon us, and if you're anything like the Horror Honeys, you probably leave all of your shopping until the last minute. In an effort to pull your collective chestnuts out of the fire, the Honeys got together and made a collection of gift guides to help you acquire the perfect gifts for the horror-lovers in your life! Each Honey compiled a unique list, and we will be sharing them with you all December. So dive in to a new list below, and remember...

Naughty OR nice, everyone deserves a little love this holiday season!

The Musical Horror Honey's Holiday Gift List

1. The Dorbz Horror Giftset: It sucks to have an incomplete set, so why not get them all? Four of the cutest lil serial killers you’ve ever seen!

2. Krampus Christmas Sweater: No holiday sweater collection is complete without the sweet image of Krampus taking away the naughty children.

3. Saint Frank-N-Furter Candle: Who Needs St. Nick when you’ve got Saint Frank watching over you?

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas Clue board game: If you’re being forced into spending time with family this holiday season, make that board game night just a little bit creepier!

5. Porcelain Wolf bath bombs: Pick your poison! With so many awesomely scary choices, it’s hard to get just one.