The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ 'Death Stranding' Trailer

Honey Buzz ~ 'Death Stranding' Trailer

If there was one game designer living today who I could confidently say will usher in the era of Black Mirror-level gaming that will literally eat us alive, it will be Hideo Kojima... and that's a compliment.

Death Stranding has been on the minds of gamers since its reveal at Sony's E3 convention. Kojima has always been on the next level of game development, so much so that it feels ridiculous to even *say* it that way. Since the cancellation of Silent Hills, any whisper of Kojima's projects, especially projects that include the talents of horror favorites Norman Reedus and Guillermo del Toro have been holy ground, and now that Kojima has been freed from the shackles of Konami and gone his own way, gamers are surfing the wave of Konami tears to the shores of the wasted world of Death Stranding and Kojima's very own game studio.

The story for Death Stranding is still largely unclear, but speculation on details given by Kojima lean towards inter-dimensional time travel, and the importance of the link between life and death.

If you have "doll issues" you'd better step away now.
But take note of that stomach marking... it's important.

The imagery of the cords and wires is not accidental, and there are several visual references in the two trailers to cords, connection and tethering. I won't be the first to say if the option of being tethered to Mads Mikkelson isn't an in-game option... that I want it to be.

The title of the game itself has dark connotations as well... which are mirrored in the imagery of the closing scenes of the first trailer, and the opening of the new one. Cetacean stranding is a phenomenon in which whales and dolphins strand themselves on land. While stranding of this nature is largely unexplained, the interconnectedness of these animals is often labeled as the cause. If we take this approach to Kojima's game, the imagery of literal connectedness, the cords and cables, take on a new identity as they link us not only to each other, but to different iterations of ourselves. 


As always with Kojima's games, the imagery is breathtaking, and we are also now benefitting from advances in facial recognition technology as characters voiced and referenced by Reedus, Mikkelsen and del Toro take center stage, familiar faces in an unfamiliar world which is both beautiful and terrifying.

We know we get Reedus... so... check. 
What's in the trailer: The original trailer is a cinematic origin story, meant to entice without giving away too much, which while beautiful and entirely unsettling, leaves a LOT to the imagination. The second trailer reveals a different side of the game, a darker side that could also be interpreted as a window into an alternate dimension. The tanks and background are decidedly based on 1940s Europe, with WWII military equipment, weapons and planes, but with the added Kojima weirdness of alien looking innards and fleshy polyps and the creeping ooze that one associates more with Lovecraftian themes than Vichy France. Not to mention the callback to the original trailer mirrored in the beached dolphins and dead crabs visible in the opening frames.

But what else is revealed is that there is something sinister at work. A man entirely out of his element (Guillermo Del Toro), an employee of Bridge (given away by the pin on his lapel) attempts to hide from a group who is clearly hunting him, and under his arm, a baby in a fluid incubation chamber (birth is overrated anyway, right? Gross.). Alas, waiting for him in the tunnel as he attempts to escape is a soldier also from a distant dimension. Spoiler: It's Mads, and Mads has some dead guys on his side... I see your skull face. 

Now, I'd be lying if I said I knew what the fuck was going on, but what I can say for certain is that I need this game in my life immediately. Faster than immediately.

Sidenote: I came here for digital Mads. Take that as you will. 

Oh god... 

Don't point that thing at me...


Verdict: I have no idea what's going on, but GIMMIE IT NOW!