The Horror Honeys: #52FilmsByWomen with The Horror Honeys ~ Week 52!

#52FilmsByWomen with The Horror Honeys ~ Week 52!

This year, The Horror Honeys decided to take a pledge, rather than make a resolution there was zero chance of us keeping. Women in Film has launched the 52 Films by Women project, in which you take a pledge to watch just ONE film directed by a woman every week this year. Easy enough right? And since this is The Horror Honeys, we are going to guide you through the project, every week this year, with a featured horror film written or directed by a fierce female!

Check out our next pick below!

Writer/director Callie Khouri
What better way to wrap up this amazing year-long project than with one of the best films ever written by a woman, Ridley Scott and Callie Khouri's Thelma & Louise? Not only is it one of the most amazing road trip movies ever made, but it is also one of the purest on-screen expressions of female friendship ever written. Respect, protection, devotion, and undying love are what we see in Thelma and Louise's relationship as they run from the law, two rebellious redheads living life to the limit while they can. Thelma & Louise is an enduring classic, and that is thanks to the expert screenwriting of Callie Khouri, with a little help from said rebellious redheads.

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Thelma & Louise is available via iTunes, Amazon Video, YouTube VOD, Vudu, Google Play, & blu-ray/DVD

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