The Horror Honeys: Stop Your Crying, This is a Wake!

Stop Your Crying, This is a Wake!

A Supernatural Honey Concert Experience with Kim

I spend my days hunting for ghosts and giving tours of murder in the Seattle area. That’s my job. To say I was excited to hear about Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman’s new musical project, American Murder Song, is an understatement. To say I was deliriously ecstatic to learn they had added a Seattle date to their American Wake tour is…pretty accurate, actually. There may have also been some joyful screams.

Sadly, it's over now. Tough noogies, slow pokes.

I had the pleasure of attending the Seattle wake and I am happy to report that it lived up and exceeded all expectations. Encouraged to dress in appropriate clothing, this is a wake after all, I came ready to mourn and celebrate in my long black skirt and top. Waiting for the show to start, the audience was entertained with folk songs being played in a minor key (I never knew how creepy the “Star Spangled Banner could sound) and the occasional update of the reading of the will of one Mr. Buch. We were also treated to videos detailing his family’s murderous and tragic history. Just as the will is about to be read, the body is discovered missing! What to do? No need to fret, for Messrs. Storm and Tender (Hendelman and Zdunich) crash the reading to turn it into a boisterous wake. And boisterous it was. The Seattle crowd was full of super fans, making for some entertaining commentary as the night went on.

You're in good hands with Messrs. Storm and Tender.
I’ve been a fan of Zdunich’s since Repo: the Genetic Opera and have only grown more enamored on his music and voice since then. Hendelman has been working with Zdunich since The Devil’s Carnival, but damn can that man sing! Hearing them perform the songs live was nothing but pure magic. Between the energy of the crowd, their delightful and talented band and the infections charm of Zdunich and Hendelman, it was a performance not soon forgotten.

Confession time: I’m a sucker for a good murder ballad. My fascination with true crime and unending interest in the macabre makes it the perfect genre of music. Hendelman and Zdunich’s songs are the perfect marriage of the traditional songs while giving just enough of a contemporary twist to be appealing to a modern audience. Their voices complement each other and share an obvious chemistry. There were too many highlights to list them all but “Lullaby” and “Edward” both gave me chills. This is one wake I would happily crash again!

I'd pick them up.
I am beyond thrilled I had the opportunity to see the show, and I genuinely cannot wait to see what else will be coming out of Hendelman and Zdunich. I know I’m not alone in saying I am in for whatever crazy musical journey you want to take us on.

The tour is over, but don’t fret! The music and videos are available for your viewing pleasure. What are you waiting for? Messrs. Storm and Tender demand it.

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