The Horror Honeys: AHS: Roanoke ~ Season 6, Chapter 9

AHS: Roanoke ~ Season 6, Chapter 9

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap with Kat W

The penultimate episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke aired November 9th, which is as good an excuse to use the word “penultimate” as any I can think of.

WARNING: spoilers ahead.

We pick up the thread of this incredibly brutal season by joining a group of pop-culture savvy youngsters (Sophie, Milo, and Todd) as they trek through the woods to find the Roanoke house. They’re heavily outfitted with cameras and so excited for the number of likes they’ll get on Instagram once they post footage of the location at the peak of the blood moon. Kids today.

Sophie (Taissa Farmiga! Hey girl, hey!), muses about her love for My Roanoke Nightmare: “On the surface it’s an interracial story set in a post-racial world - which of course is a lie - but they’re really talking about the colonization of America, The Butcher, and the Roanoke Colony, which became a matriarchy in a patriarchal system. That’s why it’s so timely, it’s a battle we’re fighting today...Racism is scary. Patriarchy is scary.”

And how. It’s actually physically painful to watch her talk about that in light of recent events. I came here for relentless television violence, not to be reminded of our collective real life American Horror Story! The three soon run afoul of the ghost of producer Diana, who had noped off of the set of season 2 of MRN only to be killed by a pig man while attempting to make her escape. The Blair Witch wannabe trio head to the cops, who of course don’t believe them and tell them to get the hell out of town.

Is it for sale? Can we live there? #HoneyHouse
Back at the house, Wes Bentley’s Dylan (the actor who played The Butcher’s son in reenactments on MRN) is welcomed inside by Audrey, who is hysterical, and Lee, whose calmness continues to defy explanation, given the fact that she’s missing an ear and large chunks of her thigh. He says he has been in a hotel for days awaiting instruction from production, but no one has returned his calls. But damnit, he is former military and a responsible person, so he threw that pig mask on and showed up for his damned call time.

Audrey and Lee try to jolt him into understanding their new reality: everyone is dead except for them and Monet, who is still being held hostage at the Polk’s hillbilly compound. They take him on a carnage tour through the house to see all of the dead bodies. Dylan agrees to accompany the women to the Polk place to rescue Monet (and of course we know what Dylan doesn’t - that the ladies have an ulterior motive of finding and destroying any tapes at the compound that show them murdering momma Polk).

The three arrive at the Polk place, where Dylan decides they’re better off stealing the Polk’s truck and letting the cops come back for Monet. Things don’t exactly go smoothly, and Dylan ends up good and dead at the hands of a Polk boy. Audrey finds Monet, but they are soon confronted with another of the slack-jawed yokels. Ever focused on her own legal protection, Audrey makes sure to get him on tape saying “I’m gonna murder you real slow for what you done” before she blows his head off. With a Roanoke lynch mob approaching and the other Polk boy having stolen away with the truck, Monet and Audrey make a run for it back to the house. Lee is nowhere to be found and the ladies presume her dead.

As it turns out, Lady Gaga’s dirty/sexy Witch of the Wood character is what happened to Lee. Just as she had done with The Butcher those hundreds of years ago, she offers Lee some tasty organ-meat and then sends her back into the fray, newly murderous and looking for someone to carve up. Back at the house, Audrey and Monet take a peek at footage from a camera they snagged from the Polk place, and are shocked as Lee’s confession to murdering her ex husband plays out. Personally, I’m not totally convinced her “confession” wasn’t just an attempt to give her daughter some closure and a way to move forward with her life. Time may tell.

Surprise! Sophie, Milo and Todd neglected to heed the warnings of the police and have made their way back into the woods like a bunch of morons. It seems the allure of fame is just too strong (after uploading their first video of Diana’s ghost to Twitter, they are already trending). They stumble upon Lee and poor Sophie is only able to fangirl for maybe 10 seconds before Lee slashes Todd’s throat. Sophie and Milo run screaming and happen upon the production trailer. Seeing Evil Lee approaching the house on one of the monitors, Sophie decides they have to try to save Audrey and Monet (Milo isn’t thrilled at the idea of going anywhere near the house, but he relents and they set out to find it). Sophie calls the cops, who of course don’t believe her.

Just when you thought everyone was tired of pig masks... *sigh*
In episode 6, we were told that only one of the characters would make it out alive, and in the last ten minutes of episode 9, a lot of blood is shed. By the end, we have our sole survivor. It is no surprise that our teen explorers meet a gnarly, Cannibal Holocaust-esque end, but the core character who makes it out alive may surprise you (that is one thing I won’t spoil here).

Episodes 7 and 8 of this season of AHS were relentless, cacophonous and brutal. There was so much screaming and torture and characters running from danger that there was barely time to catch a breath, and, though entertaining for sure, there wasn’t much that was enjoyable. I know I’ll never get over Shelby killing Matt and then killing herself. Episode 9 gave us a little more of the meta musings on reality TV and fame that were so fun about episode 6, and the teaser for episode 10 was squeal-out-loud exciting, promising a tie in to one of the best seasons of AHS. This season has been such an interesting, if uneven, experiment, and next week’s episode seems like it has the potential to put a really interesting button on it.

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