The Horror Honeys: #52FilmsByWomen with The Horror Honeys ~ Week 45!

#52FilmsByWomen with The Horror Honeys ~ Week 45!

This year, The Horror Honeys decided to take a pledge, rather than make a resolution there was zero chance of us keeping. Women in Film has launched the 52 Films by Women project, in which you take a pledge to watch just ONE film directed by a woman every week this year. Easy enough right? And since this is The Horror Honeys, we are going to guide you through the project, every week this year, with a featured horror film written or directed by a fierce female!

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Director Agnès Merlet
There is nothing quite so lovely as a French horror film, especially when that film explores the world of the supernatural. French horror often prefers to focus on the realistically horrific, so when it transcends into the world of the other, it is almost always something to be viewed and appreciated. Dorothy Mills, directed by Agnès Merlet, written by Merlet and Juliette Sales, and starring Game of Thrones' Carice van Houten, is one such movie. Eerie, unsettling, and subtle, Dorothy Mills is a combination of child horror and exorcism thriller, and it lingers with you long after the final shot.

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