The Horror Honeys: Weekly Honey Jam ~ 'Monster'

Weekly Honey Jam ~ 'Monster'

You cannot be sure
If it's the monster under your bed
Or the voices in your head
Screaming like that
Cause you thought
That the voices were dead
That the monster had left
With your old single bed
And now it's so far, so good
So why do I feel no different?
Give me a reason
It's always one step forward
And two steps back
I can't help it
I obey, that old monster

This has been a rough few weeks for survivors of sexual assault. A candidate for president in one of the most powerful nations in the world bragged about how he can attack women, and get away with it, along with the solid assertion that ALL men talk like this. Not only is this shocking, but it did the worst thing possible, which is the fact that this language has brought back painful memories for the millions of women and men who have been raped since 1998 alone. While such callous behavior brought to light the many troubling truths about rape culture in America, and around the world, it also did something remarkable. It united people from all walks of life under a common cause: no more. No more will we be silent about the true horrors inflicted on innocent victims daily by people like the man mentioned above. No more will we hide, feeling like we did something wrong. No more will be afraid to share our stories.

Today's Honey Jam (by Kate Miller-Heidke) is dedicated to the survivors of sexual assault. I am a survivor. We all are. And only together can we fight to make sure rape culture dies with us.

No more. ~RH