The Horror Honeys: VR Horror - "360 Degrees of Hell" comes to PA

VR Horror - "360 Degrees of Hell" comes to PA

For those Haunted House junkies out there, there's nothing better than finding the most extreme haunts, or the painstakingly thought out immersive ones that bring you into the story of the haunt and aren't just full of sadistic idiots with fake chainsaws jumping out of poorly disguised holes in the walls. Do extreme haunts have a limit? What if it was actually real and the guy strapped to a table screaming for help is *actually* in peril?

You're adorable!
Well, for those of you who plan out your haunting experiences carefully, there is a new element to consider. Virtual Reality. Originally something only Disney could afford, the VR experience is becoming more and more prevalent and accessible, and I'm thrilled to see it making its way into the horror genre. 
Why does there always have to be a clown?? Why. 
Longtime Honey supporter (even though I've reviewed a few of his films a little harshly - sorry) Harrison Smith alerted me to a new project he's working on with the star of 6 Degrees of Hell - and when I say star, I mean the actual haunted hotel the movie is based in. 

The story: As a sequel to 2012's 6 Degrees of Hell, the sisters of Kyle Brenner (Corey Feldman) and Erik Sanborn (Kyle Patrick Brennan) return to the Hotel of Horror to find any trace of their brothers and perhaps solve the mystery of their disappearance. With the guidance of a psychic medium (Susan Moses), the two women will have to fight their way through a maze of horror that is sometimes a little too real. Or is it?

From the Press Release:

Recall Studios has released ‘360 Degrees of Hell,’ a new horror VR experience for Halloween. The film stars Amanda Wyss, from A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Lauren Compton, star of Justin Lin's blockbuster VR experience, ‘Help!’

Directed by B Harrison Smith (Camp Dread, The Fields, Zombie Killers, the upcoming Death House), the experience follows up on events that transpired in Smith's ‘6 Degrees of Hell’, directed by Joe Raffa.

Shot inside one of the world’s freakiest Halloween haunts, the Hotel of Horror
( in Saylorsburg, PA, the VR experience features real-life haunters inside this nationally ranked and renowned haunted attraction.

The immersive 360° sequel to Corey Feldman’s cult horror film ‘6 Degrees of Hell’ can be viewed for free by downloading the Recall VR app on both the Apple and Google Play stores and can be watched on YouTube 360:


Google Play (Android):

YouTube 360:

Download or watch on YouTube, but don't forget to plug in your headphones! 

Harrison Smith with the cast