The Horror Honeys: Slasher Honey Jam ~ 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?'

Slasher Honey Jam ~ 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?'

Whatever happened to Baby Jane?
When she'd walk down the street,
All the world would lie at her feet -
There was no one half as sweet.
What happened to Baby Jane?
I see her old movies on TV,
And they are always a thrill for me;
My Daddy says I can be just like her;
Well, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish I were.

The 60s sure did love their novelty songs! Whether they involved Adam West hamming it up as Batman, Richard Harris sing-talking his way through "MacArthur Park," or today's Honey Jam, from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, novelty songs were a popular way to plug films and actors. And obviously, making Bette Davis join Debbie Burton for a song that pretty much just re-tells the story of the film top-to-bottom was going to be a winner! And a winner it was, as it has inspired generations of the performances of future drag queens. Hats off, Bette and Debbie. Hats off. ~RH

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