The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz - SyFy's 'Candle Cove' is... Well... Creepy!

Honey Buzz - SyFy's 'Candle Cove' is... Well... Creepy!

Do you remember Candle Cove? You’re about to.

It’s like Creepypasta Christmas.

Channel Zero is a new horror anthology series that will be premiering on October 11 on Syfy. Its first season, Candle Cove, is based on one of the most famous Creepypasta stories of all time. In the story, a group of people in an online forum discuss an unsettling children’s TV show that they can all remember watching. As they recount details from the show, they realize that its content was bordering on horrifying, and that it may not have even existed in the first place. Obviously, the TV show needs to expand on the story in order to create enough content for an entire season of episodes, but it uses the story as a jumping off point of sorts.

Captain Jack Sparrow did NOT age well…
The series summary, taken from the Syfy website, promises a story of a man desperately trying to uncover a mystery surrounding missing children and a forgotten children’s television program from the 80s. This program was, of course, entitled Candle Cove. Further information on the series website promises such uniquely terrifying elements as “The Tooth Child," which is exactly what it sounds like (a child made of human teeth). From a distance, The Tooth Child looks more scaly than anything else, almost like a humanoid armadillo. That is, until it starts to move…

Jesus, just look at it. Imagine the dental bills.
The recently released trailer gives us the first peek at what Channel Zero’s writers have done to make the story their own, and breathe new life into it. They’ve brought a unique take to the story, and it looks scary as all hell. The trailer kicks off with a shot of an old-fashioned TV set, playing a puppet show starring pirates with unsettling voices, inter-cut with static. It immediately takes to what must be our protagonist, wondering about the show he used to watch growing up. We are then taken through a series of increasingly unnerving images that range from standard horror fare to the unusually scary: puppets, cracked baby dolls, a mob of (what appears to be) children attacking someone, TV sets with static, newspaper clippings about missing kids, and an inhuman pirate figure with a featureless face covered in bloody bandages, that flickers in and out of view with alarming results.

Currently, it looks like the Tooth Child and the pirate figure will play a large role as the antagonists of the series, but there is an implication that the show itself has evil properties of its own. Who knows?  Perhaps we’re in for a little cursed video action a la The Ring, with a cursed television show that makes its viewers act out the evil within. Whatever it is, our protagonist is sure to get to the bottom of it, and I can’t wait to see how he does. Featuring a stellar cast, seemingly high production values, and the tag line “We now return to your regularly scheduled nightmare," it’s safe to say that Candle Cove promises a lot of good scares and original storytelling. Hopefully, the October 11 premiere episode will deliver on this promise.

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