The Horror Honeys: Blu-ray and DVD Releases for November 1, 2016!

Blu-ray and DVD Releases for November 1, 2016!

Join the Horror Honeys this November 1 and celebrate All Saints Day by purchasing some blu-rays!

This joke brought to you by the 90s.

Blu-ray & DVD Releases for 11/1/16
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2001 Concert) (Note from Linnie: Kermit flail)
Star Trek Beyond (Read Sci-Fi Honey 1.0 Jen's review in Issue 3 of Belladonna!) 
The Walking Dead: Season 6 - Limited Edition Truck Walker Packaging
Belladonna 1.5
Belladonna Horror Mag: Belladonna 1.5
In this issue: Women in Horror: We Catch Director Tonjia Atomic Red-Handed; Ghost Hunting 101 or How to Look for Ghosts Without Becoming One; Hero Worship and Nostalgia; Learning to Let Go of "The Big Three"; and Welcome to Honey Hexmas: The Best of The Worst PLUS Honey Wishlists! Featuring:…