The Horror Honeys: Beware Foolish Mortals: Help Fund the Haunted Mansion Documentary!

Beware Foolish Mortals: Help Fund the Haunted Mansion Documentary!

While we don't normally post articles like this, there was something about this project that we couldn't resist. 

For fans of the best ride at Disneyland (it's not Pirates of the Caribbean, so shut up), there's nothing better than sharing memories of the ride that enthralled us as baby bats and continues to delight even the most delicate of horror explorers. 

Foolish Mortals is in the final steps of their filmmaking journey, and they need your help to complete their production! Featuring insights from some of our favorite horror personalities and some original creators from the House of Mouse, Foolish Mortals is sure to be a pleasant surprise for fans of this iconic ride. 

From the press release:

Monster Movie Media and Octacle are excited to announce the Foolish Mortals Finishing Funds campaign! The campaign can be found at:

Foolish Mortals is an examination of the fan culture surrounding Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction. Director James H. Carter II will be digging into the lives, creative work and experiences of the countless masses who have reached out to share their interest in our mutual obsession, looking for the reasons they’re in love with this attraction while unearthing the ghostly materials within.

Some of the people scheduled to appear in the film are Disney legend Rolly Crump, artist Topher Adam, former Imagineer Jason Surrell, Nora See, Tristan Risk, Robert Kurtzman, Dutch Bihary, Sandie Schnieder, Imagineer Terri Hardin, Axelle Carolyn, Mike Mendez, Spooky Dan Walker, Lance Henriksen, and many more!

With help from several sponsors and some of the film’s loyal supporters, the filmmaker’s were able to shoot interviews in New York, New Jersey, and Seattle over the summer months of 2016. During the month of October they will be shooting interviews in Orlando, Las Vegas and Southern California. They are seeking just a little bit more financial assistance to help cover the cost of travel and equipment rentals.

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