The Horror Honeys: Revenge Honey Jam ~ 'Lend Me Your Face'

Revenge Honey Jam ~ 'Lend Me Your Face'

Lend me your face
I'll bust it up and I'll replace it
I wanna cut you with glass
You haven't got such a pretty ass now
Wanna put you in a cast
And cast off all my memories of where you been at...

So I've been pushing Irish alt-rock band Fight Like Apes on you guys for a while... AND I WILL KEEP DOING IT UNTIL EVERYONE OF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS IS AS OBSESSED WITH THEM AS I AM.

Sorry, got a little violent there. Anyway. Fight Like Apes lead singer MayKay has basically become my spirit singer, and it seems the band has the perfect revenge jam for any occasion. This week, I chose "Lend Me Your Face," because really, who hasn't dreamed of ripping off someone's face and replacing it with something more suited to their insides?

Just me? Oh. Nevermind. ~RH

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