The Horror Honeys: It's Time to Get Schooled with 'Hurricane Bianca!'

It's Time to Get Schooled with 'Hurricane Bianca!'

A Revenge Honey New Release Review with Linnie

"Scientists have warned residents to beware the storms with female names, as they are perceived to be less threatening, but are significantly more likely to kill you."

It's not much of a secret that many of us at the Horror Honeys are fans of RuPaul's Drag Race, and all things related to the art of drag. Personally, my favorite drag queen has always been Peaches Christ, as she dabbles in the world of horror and made one of my favorite horror films of all time, All About Evil. But it was through Peaches' stage re-production of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, titled Whatever Happened to Bianca Del Rio?, that I fell in love with 2009 Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio (Roy Haylock). Bianca is the manifestation of every one of our impatient, fed-up, bitchy sides, and it is impossible not to want to body check her with the biggest hug ever (which she would promptly reject and mock you for).

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So it stands to reason that the minute I found out Bianca's crowdfunded film, Hurricane Bianca, was officially streaming, I watched it with all of the excitement of a kid on Chrismukah. And kids, it was everything I dreamt it would be.

Ambrosia Salad is my new favorite drag name.
The Story: Manhattan substitute teacher Richard Martinez (Haylock) is sent to Texas via a teaching ambassador program in order to whip a failing chemistry class into shape. But when bigoted Vice Principal Deborah Ward (Rachel Dratch) discovers that Richard is gay, she has him fired. And since that is still legal in TWENTY-EIGHT states in America, Richard decides he is going to get some revenge. With the help of his trans friend Karma (Bianca Leigh), Richard returns to the school as Bianca Del Rio, a gorgeous science teacher with zero patience for bullshit. Will Bianca be able to change the mind of the small-minded southerners? And who will the coveted Teach of the Year award?

Small-mindedness is no match for lashes that fab. These are facts.
Unlike Peaches' All About Evil, Hurricane Bianca (written and directed by Matt Kugelman), is more of the dark yet surprisingly heartwarming comedy variety. There is actually a touch of 50s madcap comedy to the script, reminiscent of Some Like It Hot, in Richard's donning of drag to take revenge against the people in his new, trashy town. And since said town is basically a Peyton Place of violent bigotry and underage sex, Richard being gay is quickly the least of the city's problems. There is undeniable charm in watching Bianca win over the townspeople, raise the kids' test scores, and lead viewers on a journey to a utopian happy ending that most LGBTQ people don't find in real life. Hurricane Bianca may not be realistic, but sometimes... you just need a little happy.

There are worse ways to wake up.
If you are a fan of Drag Race, you will inevitably be charmed by the presence of many of Bianca's drag sisters, including Willam Belli, DJ Pierce, Joslyn Fox, and the Queen herself, RuPaul. Including appearances from Alan Cumming and Margaret Cho, there is a little something for everyone in the casting, with Dratch especially deplorable as a hypocritical villain. Hurricane Bianca may be a movie crafted for fans of Bianca Del Rio and the world of drag, but between Bianca's irresistible snark and multiple moments of laugh-out-loud hilarity, this is a comedy that will appeal to just about anyone.

Revenge is sweet, but scaring the shit out of kids with an air horn is sweeter.
When it comes down to it, Hurricane Bianca is just an adorable movie that will make you laugh. And personally, I think we all need a little of that right now, don't you?

Revenge Honey Rating: 5 flawless black gowns out of 5

Hurricane Bianca is available via iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, & DVD on October 18, 2016!

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