The Horror Honeys: Horror Honey Jam ~ 'Female Trouble'

Horror Honey Jam ~ 'Female Trouble'

I got lots of problems
Female trouble
Maybe I'm twisted
Female trouble
They say I'm a skank, but I don't care
Go ahead, put me in your electric chair
I'm berserk!
I like it fine!
As long as I'm...
Grabbing a headline

Good girls don't wear cha-cha heels!

There is something inherently lovable about the films that John Waters made with Divine, even when they were dark, or disgusting. My favorite of their collaborations (outside of Hairspray, because, obviously), was 1976's Female Troubles, in which a sweet schoolgirl turns crazed mass-murderer because her parents won't by her cha-cha heels for Christmas. Divine stars as Dawn Davenport, said good-girl gone bad, and she also sings the film's theme song, which is endlessly quotable. If "Female Trouble" isn't already your favorite song, it's about to be! ~RH