The Horror Honeys: Belladonna Magazine September SNEAK PEEK!

Belladonna Magazine September SNEAK PEEK!

An Interview with American Murder Song’s Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman!

In the September edition of Belladonna Magazine, Musical Horror Honey Brittany Mosley got a chance to talk to Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, the brilliant minds behind The Devil’s Carnival series, to discuss their upcoming project, American Murder Song!

Check out a small excerpt of the interview, available in full exclusively in Belladonna Magazine this September!

BD: American Murder Song is your third collaboration after The Devil’s Carnival and Alleluia. How did you two meet and start working together? 

SH: We’ve actually known each other for a very long time, probably about 15 years.

TZ: I think you’re being kind, I think it’s going on 20. 

SH: We were good friends. We were watching each other’s work as we progressed. After watching Terrance do Repo, we talked and started working together, which was on the first [Devil’s] Carnival

Hendelmen & Zdunich in AMS

BD: We’ve noticed that each of the projects you have worked on together have a very distinct musical style. Can you guys describe the process of working together on the songs and the scores of each of these films?

TZ: You’re basically asking for a manifesto! 

BD: <laughing> You know, the condensed or abridged version. 

TZ: In regards to the projects having different musical styles and voices, I think part of this is a little bit of creative masochism on our part. When we do something, we work really hard at it to develop a voice, what the sound is or what it will look like, how people speak and sing in that world, and what are the textures of that world both musically and from a storytelling perspective. Then, we work for a long time figuring it out, and beat ourselves up endlessly to unlock that riddle. And, when its time for the next project, we go: “You know what? Let’s just throw away everything we’ve learned and done and start from scratch with a totally new voice.” 

It must be on some level what gets us off, this idea of continually pushing not only ourselves creatively, but hopefully giving the audience each time something they didn’t quite expect, but hopefully is branded with whatever it is that they like about what we do. So far we’ve been very lucky in that fans have followed us on this creative, maybe schizophrenic journey of new styles, new types of stories and new characters – and, in the case of American Murder Song, even kind of a new genre. 

Don’t miss the full interview! The September issue of Belladonna Magazine is available online and in print here: 

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