The Horror Honeys: American Horror Story Promises to Come Full Circle in Season 6

American Horror Story Promises to Come Full Circle in Season 6

A Premiere Episode Review with Musical Horror Honey Brittany

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare (Season 6)

After an extensive and intentionally misleading marketing campaign, American Horror Story premiered its sixth season this week. And it was… interesting.

The theme for this season has been one of the biggest promotional points for the television show; aside from a few set leaks, FX has kept audiences and press alike in the dark as to the topic. With no opening credits, audiences had to get through the first ten minutes or so before a “My Roanoke Nightmare” image appeared.

The storytelling format for this season is unique from previous seasons. For Season 6, Ryan Murphy and crew have opted for a documentary-style narrative. Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Matt (Andre Holland) are being interviewed, detailing their experience of how and why they opted to move to an old farmhouse in North Carolina. In an Unsolved Mysteries type format, re-enactments of their experiences are simultaneously shown, with Shelby and Matt being played by Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding, Jr. respectively.

(At this point in the show, my husband turned to me and said: “So… Marcia Clark and O.J. ended up together?” One has to wonder if they were filming both at the same time. But, I digress.)

Shelby is the first to experience unusual activity in her house, from teeth falling from the sky to nearly being drowned in her hot tub. Matt, also becoming increasingly unsettled by some of the odd noises and bumps in the night, calls his sister Lee (Adina Porter and re-enactor Angela Bassett) to stay with Shelby while he is away on business. Inevitably, Shelby and Lee end up experiencing some real creepy shit… and a lot of Blair Witch dolls.

What was most interesting about this first episode, beyond anything that was unfolding in the story, were the ties back to the previous seasons of AHS. One of the most quickly noted of these was the re-appearance of the “pig man” that was first seen in Season 1. Viewers have also pointed out identical set pieces seen in Seasons 2-4. The most interesting of these connections, however, come in the selected theme for the season: Roanoke. 

Here’s a quick video of the first time Roanoke appeared in Season 1... you’ll quickly see the ties between the two seasons:

For all of the hype, American Horror Story’s first episode felt like a letdown as a standalone story. The scares were predictable and the choices of the characters were unbelievably questionable to the point of being comical. There were several key fan favorite actors that did not make an appearance. The plethora of Blair Witch style dolls in the episode was truly hilarious. The first episode did a lot of setting up the story, leaving fans with a ton of questions and quite a bit of disappointment. However, for fans of the AHS franchise, this season seems to hint at a reveal of the ties between all of the seasons to date, which makes for a far more exciting reason to continue to watch. For that fact alone, I know I will be!

Premiere Rating: 2.5 Creepy Blair Witch Dolls out of 5

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