The Horror Honeys: Monster Honey's FrightFest Diary ~ Day One!

Monster Honey's FrightFest Diary ~ Day One!

A WEB EXCLUSIVE Festival Recap with Sarah

The Woodstock of gore begins
It’s the most wonderful time of the year.
With the cinemas teeming,
And everyone screaming or running in fear!
It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

That’s right; it is FrightFest time once again. Whilst other young people go to music festivals or go drinking on the beach, I instead spend the last weekend in August inside a dark cinema watching people get dismembered. Hey, we all have fun in different ways.

E-16, my throne for the weekend
This year is my second on a festival pass, although the venue has moved from London’s Leicester Square to the VUE Shepherd’s Bush. As ever, the pass goodie bag was awesome, including DVDs of Honeymoon (which I am yet to see) and Demonic, which I enjoyed last year (but do already own), badges, some funky fliers for films, and a From A House On Willow Street beanie hat. It’s currently a heatwave here in London, but the second the temperature drops, I am gonna be wearing it with style.


I think the sunglasses are just a tad too much
My Father Die
The wonderful thing about festivals is that you get to experience movies that you otherwise might not have picked yourself. My Father Die is a Southern-set revenge thriller from writer-director Sean Brosnan. When he was a young boy, Asher was beaten by his father and forced to watch as his father brutally murder his older brother. Years later, Asher, now deaf from the beating he received as a child, is told that his father has been released from jail, and so a twisted fable of revenge begetting revenge begetting more revenge is set in motion. This film was beautiful; very artistic and flowing and thoughtful, with a compelling central performance. Having a deaf protagonist in a story like this is an interesting choice and actor Joe Anderson does a very good job. As beautiful as the movie is, it is also easily the most brutal film I’ve seen since Green Room. Faces smashed in, shotguns to toes, a brief anal rape scene; it really doesn’t hold back. However; it isn’t without moments of levity. It all comes together in this way that feels timeless, it its depiction of 
biblical or Shakespearean-style revenge.

My Father Die gets 4 animal skin hats out of 5

This is the closest I'm ever going to get to a Left4Dead movie, isn't it?
This was less... well, this was just less of everything really. I hadn’t heard the best things about this one going in but I thought I’d give it a shot and my general reaction is simply nothing. There is nothing to this film. Adapted from the Stephen King novel and starring John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson there are a few good moments, but it all leads to a payoff that doesn’t pay off. Cusack is a man stuck in a zombie apocalypse trying to get to his wife and son (hang on a second this sounds familiar) but these aren’t just any zombies, these are PHONE ZOMBIES! I won’t go into the ridiculousness of this; our Zombie Honey Bella did a very fine job of that as it is. Cusack and Jackson are fine and at least get to play off each other more in this than their precious Stephen King adaptation 1408 but it’s not enough to save this film. The opening scene is also laughably ludicrous as it managed to lay on the EVILS OF CELL PHONES thing way too thick, and then it sprang into random chaotic action that is actually impossible to sort out. Skip it and watch 1408 instead.

CELL gets 2 cell phone signal bars out of 5

Just two films for me tonight, but a full day ahead tomorrow. I must say it feels so good to be home again.

Stay tuned for more of Sarah's adventures at FrightFest!