The Horror Honeys: 'INSIDE:' So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

'INSIDE:' So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

A Gamer Honey WEB EXCLUSIVE Review with Kaley

Inside (2016)

When Playdead announced its new game, INSIDE, I was ecstatic. Hailed as better than its predecessor LimboI admit my expectations were pretty high going in. However, after playing through, I felt lost and empty inside (HA!), and not really in the way that I expected. I thought I would be filled with sadness that the journey was over, and instead I’m just a little pissed off.

After reading reviews online, I found that they all have two things in common: 1) they all absolutely love this game, calling it “dark," “beautiful," and “haunting” (seriously they all say this, go look, I’ll wait) and 2) they will not discuss anything that may contain spoilers, which includes the ending.

Well, you know what? We're not going to do that here. “INSIDE is a majestically dark game about a young boy escaping...” blah blah blah, you've read this already! Let's skip to the ending that no one seems to want to talk about!

Spoilers ahead!

I honestly did not like the ending of INSIDE and I'm sure that if I weren't some random chick writing in her basement, and actually left my house, that I'd probably have rotten tomatoes thrown at me for saying it. But it's true. I invested hours in a game that pulled at my heart strings and sent me on a roller coaster of emotion every time I got the boy killed, only to essentially tell me “oh, it's open for interpretation” after I finished it. 

What? Are you fucking kidding me? You just made me play human zombie Katamari Damacy and aren't even going to tell me why? This giant ball of fleshy limbs is rolling through a science lab, throwing flaming boxes to solve puzzles, all the while scientists are helping me only to be left with a credit scroll while the flesh ball sunbathes on a beach and you're not going to tell me why?

And the fish! Why are the fish following me? Why are there naked swimming boys first trying to kill me, and then showing me that I can breath under water? Are we kin? Did they make the zombie bros from us? Or are we from them? So many unanswered questions.

I felt completely confused and underwhelmed when I reached the blobby finale and as I watched the credits go by I thought is this it? Is this the end? During the credits, I alt-tabbed out of the game in order to google the ending. That's right, I googled the ending to make sure that this was really it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy games, movies, and books that leave the ending open to the viewer to discern. But parts; not the whole damn thing. The fact is that I've spent 30+ years trying to figure out the answer to 42 and I just don’t have the room in my brain to work out this equation too.

Outside of the frustrating ending, however, INSIDE was still a great game, and you should support independent game developers by getting it on Steam.

Gamer Honey Hearts Remaining ~ 4/5

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