The Horror Honeys: #52FilmsByWomen with The Horror Honeys ~ Week 34!

#52FilmsByWomen with The Horror Honeys ~ Week 34!

This year, The Horror Honeys decided to take a pledge, rather than make a resolution there was zero chance of us keeping. Women in Film has launched the 52 Films by Women project, in which you take a pledge to watch just ONE film directed by a woman every week this year. Easy enough right? And since this is The Horror Honeys, we are going to guide you through the project, every week this year, with a featured horror film written or directed by a fierce female!

Take the pledge yourself here, and check out our next pick below!

Amy Irving on set with director Katt Shea
For a sequel that wasn't initially intended to be a sequel at all, Katt Shea's The Rage: Carrie 2 is better than it has any right to be. Following the high-school Romeo & Juliet romance of Carrie White's half-sister, Rachel (Emily Bergl), The Rage has gained a cult following in the years since its release. It helps that Rachel isn't like Carrie at all; she's strong, self-assured, and only a fool when it comes to love (like you can judge). The connections to the original film are there (via Amy Irving's Sue Snell), but they aren't terribly necessary to the story. It can be enjoyed regardless of your connection to De Palma's film, because when it comes down to it, Katt Shea delivered a solid, 90s horror film with a kick-ass heroine. What more can you ask for?

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