The Horror Honeys: #52FilmsByWomen with The Horror Honeys ~ Week 33!

#52FilmsByWomen with The Horror Honeys ~ Week 33!

This year, The Horror Honeys decided to take a pledge, rather than make a resolution there was zero chance of us keeping. Women in Film has launched the 52 Films by Women project, in which you take a pledge to watch just ONE film directed by a woman every week this year. Easy enough right? And since this is The Horror Honeys, we are going to guide you through the project, every week this year, with a featured horror film written or directed by a fierce female!

Take the pledge yourself here, and check out our next pick below!

A film based on a lie that was sold as truth, directed by the daughter of a genre icon. A story so horrible, people hemmed and hawed about how they wished it weren't true, but when they found out it wasn't, they lost their minds. Asia Argento had the odds stacked against her when she adapted JT Leroy's The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, a "memoire" of a life of extreme child abuse, into a film. It didn't help that shortly before the film's release, it was discovered that Leroy didn't exist, and his life was merely a tall tale created by author Laura Albert (read the whole insane story here... reality truly is more unbelievable than fiction). But regardless of the controversy surrounding the source material, Argento crafted a brutal, haunting, and mesmerizing film that pays homage to real victims of child abuse. It is a horror film of the most realistic kind, and you will never forget it.

The Heart is Deceitful is available via DVD. And that's it. So... good luck to you!

Watch The Heart is Deceitful (if you can find it) this week and tweet us when you do, using the #52FilmsByWomen!