The Horror Honeys: The Honeys on #SDCC16 ~ 'Star Trek: Discovery...' You Rushed It.

The Honeys on #SDCC16 ~ 'Star Trek: Discovery...' You Rushed It.

Shit, guys. Listen, I'm as excited as the next nerd about Bryan Fuller' s upcoming addition to the Star Trek universe. First, it's Bryan Fuller. Second, it will justify that subscription I got to CBS All Access for the sole purpose of watching Madame Secretary, as the show will air there exclusively after the pilot. And I'm going to stay excited since this was little more than a cartoon teaser rushed out for SDCC.

But guys. Guys. That acronym.

The pop culture community loves their shorthand, especially where it comes to the Star Trek cannon (TNG, DS9, STV). So the name Star Trek: Discovery wasn't terribly well thought out. I don't think I will be telling my friends that I need to get my ass home so I can catch ST:D.

Second, and maybe this is a little early to nitpick design as there could be an explanation, but is it just me or does the U.S.S. Discovery look like a Klingon Warbird with a planetarium slapped on top?

A Klingon Warbird
Further, this series is supposed to pre-date the original, with an entirely original collection of characters, so I'm not going to jump on the slightly dated visuals. And again, this could have been a rushed promo, which would explain why Axnar had better graphics.

NOPE! Going to be a positive nerd. ST:D is going to be awesome.

Gods help me, that acronym.
Watch the teaser below
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