The Horror Honeys: The Honeys on #SDCC16 ~ New Trailer for 'The Exorcist' on Fox

The Honeys on #SDCC16 ~ New Trailer for 'The Exorcist' on Fox

FOX – you are really pissing me off this year.

The Exorcist is one of the greatest horror films of all time. I still love to hear stories of those who went to see it in the theaters, watching people walk out in sheer terror, saying that the movie disturbed them to the core of their being. The creepy shit that happened on the set of the film also adds to its mystery and scare-factor. 

Not to mention – the film is terrifying as hell, even by today’s standards.

So why, why, WHY on earth did anyone feel compelled to make a television show out of it? 

A new trailer for the upcoming television adaptation of The Exorcist was released at San Diego Comic-Con this year, along with a screening of the pilot episode. And while I appreciate seeing some of the similar imagery that made the film so iconic in the first few seconds of the clip… that’s where my excitement ends.

The story is basically the same – a woman (Geena Davis) living in Chicago seeks out the help of a priest (Alfonso Herrera) in regards to her daughter, who she believes might be possessed by an evil spirit or demon.

How they are going to extend any of the suspense and terror that the original film brought so expertly to audiences over a number of weeks is absolutely beyond me.

FOX – you and I need to have a chat. You are really trying WAY TOO HARD with all of these shitty reboots. Stop. STOP. STAHHHHHHHHP.

Will you be watching The Exorcist this fall? 
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