The Horror Honeys: The Honeys on #SDCC16 ~ 'Blair Witch'... Yay.

The Honeys on #SDCC16 ~ 'Blair Witch'... Yay.

Horror fans at San Diego Comic-Con got quite a surprise this year when attending the advanced screening for upcoming horror film The Woods. Instead of watching an entirely new, creepy-looking film, the audience was surprised (and delighted?) with a screening of Blair Witch, a new installment in The Blair Witch Project franchise.

The plot will sound familiar to fans of the first film. New footage is found of the film students who went missing in the woods almost 20 years ago (as “documented” in The Blair Witch Project). This footage convinces the brother of one of those students that his sister might still be alive. He rounds up a few friends for some deep woods exploration and camping in search of her, armed with their own video cameras. Mayhem, horror, and a whole lotta shaky cam ensue.

Yay… shaky cam…

Serious kudos goes to Lionsgate for keeping this film under wraps, going so far as to create a fake trailer and marketing campaign for The Woods. In the Internet age, where no secret is safe, such a feat is truly impressive.

For those who found the first film underwhelming, the trailer promises a film that is bit more exciting than the original – that crawling through the pipe scene alone already makes me feel claustrophobic.

So, here’s to hoping!

Excited for Blair Witch
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