The Horror Honeys: The Honeys On #SDCC16 ~ 'American Gods' Trailer is EVERYTHING!

The Honeys On #SDCC16 ~ 'American Gods' Trailer is EVERYTHING!

Here at The Horror Honeys, we've been taking our time ruminating on all of the news that has been coming out of San Diego ComicCon this year, for a few reasons. First, as expected, this has been a con heavily dominated by Marvel and DC, and while most of us have our individual feels on the Big Two, it's not really horror news. Second, let's be honest. We're busy bitches. So yes, we ruminate. But we also ruminate while putting together a magazine for you lovely monsters.

That being said, holy shit. American Gods is life and I want it in my eye holes NOW.

Emily Browning as Laura Moon

If you are a fan of Neil Gaiman's magnificent novel, American Gods, you know what a miracle it is that someone had the balls to adapt it for the small screen. It makes absolute sense that the person with those balls was Bryan Fuller, and the trailer for Starz's American Gods series is so utterly Fuller-esque, it made the hole in my Hannibal-empty heart just a little bit... well... fuller.

Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon

Set in a world where the old gods are battling the new for dominance, a mysterious man named Shadow is caught in the middle of a war he doesn't fully understand. Even before the trailer, it was clear that the casting was spot on, but now, seeing these characters living and breathing... Sold. Just. Sold.

Crispin Glover as Mr. World

It was also announced at SDCC that Kristen Chenoweth will be reuniting with Fuller, her Pushing Daisies show-runner, as Easter, the goddess of spring. And once again, sold.

Watch the trailer for American Gods below
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