The Horror Honeys: Blu-Ray and DVD Release for July 5, 2016!

Blu-Ray and DVD Release for July 5, 2016!

This is a great week for classic re-releases courtesy of Arrow and Kino Lorber, and the jazzed up blu-ray release of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's erotic thriller, By the Sea. And while we normally don't feature anime, because there is way too much to keep up with, a few horror-based features (Empire of Corpses and Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe) sparked our interest.

However, for the love of baby Cthulhu, just say no to Cabin Fever '16. Please. Don't do it.

Blu-Ray & DVD Releases for 7/5/16
Blood and Black Lace ~ Arrow Films Release (coming out July 4)
Absolution ~ Kino Lorber Release
Cabin Fever 2016 (Linnie's note... Seriously. Just say no)
The Magnetic Monster ~ Kino Lorber Release
Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II ~ Best Buy Exlcusive Steelbook