The Horror Honeys: #52FilmsByWomen with The Horror Honeys ~ Week 27!

#52FilmsByWomen with The Horror Honeys ~ Week 27!

This year, The Horror Honeys decided to take a pledge, rather than make a resolution there was zero chance of us keeping. Women in Film has launched the 52 Films by Women project, in which you take a pledge to watch just ONE film directed by a woman every week this year. Easy enough right? And since this is The Horror Honeys, we are going to guide through the project, every week this year, with a featured horror film written or directed by a fierce female!

Take the pledge yourself here, and check out our next pick below!

Coralie Trinh Thi & Virginie Despentes
As women in the horror field, we can't help but feel proud that one of the most controversial films of all time was written and directed by not one, but two, women. Based on a novel by director Virginie Despentes, Baise-moi (properly translated to "fuck me..." Fuck YOU, IMDb) is the rare road in film in which the women at the heart of it are every bit as violent and sadistic as men, with the same killer instincts. But even deeper than that, Baise-moi is about two women who refused to be limited by their gender in any way, and in fact rebel (violently) against the box that society tries to put them in. Baise-moi may not be an easy film to watch, but it's an important one, which is why we are talking about it this week!

Baise-moi is... really fucking hard to find. Arrow put out a DVD years ago, but it's impossible to get ahold of now, and everything else is shitty bootlegs. Additionally, the version on YouTube is incomplete. So until someone fixes this grave injustice, just this once... Watch it anywhere you can find it.

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