The Horror Honeys: Zombie Buzz ~ The Girl With All The Gifts Trailer

Zombie Buzz ~ The Girl With All The Gifts Trailer

I Cannot Wait To Unwrap This Present!

2016 has been pretty barren in regards to zombie movies. We got some last minutes releases from 2015 that blurred the year-end-line and then we got Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. So, basically, 2016 has left zombie fans waiting and wanting. Short of holding my breath for the September release of Patient Zero and the 2017 release of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter my unbeating heart hasn’t had much love to give to new zombie movies. 

And then, hark, what goes there? The Girl With All The Gifts. Shortly after the book’s release in 2014 (check out Jocelyn's review HERE) it was announced that there would be a film adaptation. News went dark until mid 2015 when casting was announced, and then again - nothing. But finally, there is a zombie light on the horizon with a newly released trailer for this silently, now excitedly, anticipated film.

If you don’t know much about M.R. Carey’s novel, not to worry, the set up in the trailer is pretty straight forward without giving too much of anything away. What you do get is a stark post-apocalyptic backdrop, a bit of humanity, a bit of science, a bit of frantic action, and a plot that looks like it’s going to bob and weave in a delightful way. Not to mention something all-too-often skipped over in the zombie genre (no, not the zom-com genre): children.

See for yourself:

The Girl With All The Gifts opens in the UK on September 23. 
Interested in the book? You can get it here: