The Horror Honeys: Slasher Honey Jam ~ 'Bette Davis Eyes'

Slasher Honey Jam ~ 'Bette Davis Eyes'

Her hair is Harlow gold
Her lips sweet surprise
Her hands are never cold
She's got Bette Davis eyes
She'll turn the music on you
You won't have to think twice
She's pure as New York snow
She got Bette Davis eyes

You know a song in a movie has done its trick when for the rest of eternity, the two are inextricably linked. That's the case with Kim Carnes' "Bette Davis Eyes," from Todd Strauss-Schulson's The Final Girls (written by the amazing MA Fortin and Joshua John Miller). If you've seen the moment toward the end of the film where "Bette Davis Eyes" is used, you know why it's so unforgettable. And you know why now, every time I hear it, I get more than a little weepy. Damn you guys. Damn you. ~RH