The Horror Honeys: Musical Horror Honey Jam ~ 'Murder Ballad'

Musical Horror Honey Jam ~ 'Murder Ballad'

Listen and I'll tell a tale
A tale where good does not prevail
A King, a Queen
A Club, a Knave
One is destined for the grave...

Why aren't more local theatres doing this show?!?!? After two successful runs in off-Broadway theatres in NYC, both with all-star casts (Will Swenson!), this one-act rock musical quickly generated a rabid group of followers. The story appears fairly straightforward: guy gets girl, guy dumps girl, guy will do anything to get girl back - but (SPOILER-ish, especially if you listen to the album) with a dark twist in the end. The music is as creepy and intimate as the space Murder Ballad is meant to be performed in - and is insanely fun to belt at full volume. ~MHH