The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz – 'American Murder Song' Releases First Music Video!

Honey Buzz – 'American Murder Song' Releases First Music Video!

For those who have been eagerly awaiting a look at Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendleman’s newest film, American Murder Song, the day has finally arrived! Up until now, we’ve had song releases, lyric videos, character vignettes… but now we are finally(!) getting the first (and hopefully not last!) music video, “The Six-Mile Inn!”

This incredibly talented team continues to produce gorgeous, stylized, and haunting work, covering a wide variety of musical genres, and American Murder Song promises to be no different:

America was pushing west against a bloody and hostile frontier. Her trails and ports were bustling with the promise of the New World, and, for the cold and road-weary men who passed through Charleston, South Carolina, The Six-Mile Inn offered respite with warm ale and a warm bed. It also served as a hunting ground for its owner, Pretty Lavinia Fisher: America's first purported female serial killer.

At this point, there is nothing about this project that I am not ecstatic see and hear more of. The video looks gorgeous – the stylized sepia-ish color makes the red of the blood stand out in a way I wish the Sweeney Todd film had been more successful with. Both of the EPs that have been released are great fun to listen to. Terrance Zdunich’s voice has developed into a thing of beauty. AND – THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART – they cast rock/metal frontwomen in the principal female roles. Thank you, Terrance and Saar. Thank you.

Check out the video for “The Six-Mile Inn” below, 
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