The Horror Honeys: Gamer Honey Jam ~ 'Crawl Out Through the Fallout'

Gamer Honey Jam ~ 'Crawl Out Through the Fallout'

Crawl out through the fallout, baby
You know what I mean
Crawl out through the fallout
'Cause they said this bomb was clean
If you cannot find the way
Just listen for my song
I'll love you all your life
Although that may not be too long

There's something about marching (or running, no judgement) through the Wasteland in a suit of busted (or custom painted, yo) Power Armor while listening to the lounge-ready vocal stylings of Sheldon Allman. If anything makes blasting Mirelurks better, it's signing along to this while you do it. Fallout 4 is leaps and bounds ahead of New Vegas in terms of gameplay, world building, complexity, and frustration, and thankfully, it has an amazing soundtrack to go with it, too. Although, I must admit, I miss Three Dog.  ~ Head Honey