The Horror Honeys: 'The Path...' It's TOTALLY Scientology.

'The Path...' It's TOTALLY Scientology.

A Series Review with Revenge Honey Linnie

The Path (2016 - )

When I reviewed the pilot episode of Hulu's new drama The Path in March, I said I was cautiously optimistic, but not ready to join the Meyerist "movement" just yet. And after ten episodes, I still don't want to become a Meyerist.

But damn if, by the end of the season, The Path didn't turn into one of the best shows currently on television.

So much nature. So much dirt.
I'm not going to re-hash the whole story of The Path, because you can read all about it by clicking the link to my pilot review up there. But not a whole lot changes from beginning to end, in that the central conflict stays the same. Aaron Paul's Eddie is doubting the not-cult that saved his life, which means alienating himself from his wife Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), who grew up in the movement. Their son, Hawk (Kyle Allen) is considering leaving for a classmate who isn't a part of Meyerism, and leader Cal (Hugh Dancy) is struggling with his demons, while trying to convince everyone (including himself) that he is their one true leader.

Poor little Hawk needs to fly fah fah away.
While The Path started out slow, not so much establishing characters as settling viewers into the ebbs and flows of the Meyerist movement and their history. But somewhere around the fourth episode, everything became different. It became layered, and tense, and sometimes... downright terrifying. Motivations changed, allegiances shifted, and people you hated suddenly became sympathetic (or in a few cases, people you hate become even more deplorable). There was murder, intrigue, sex, violence... The Path turned into the best AMC show that somehow, AMC wasn't responsible for.

I'd have to be drunk to hang with this people. They're INSUFFERABLE.
For me, what made The Path such an experience, was the way that it deftly and subtly skewered the concept of blind faith via the followers of Meyerism. Within the self-contained not-cult, there isn't a single inch of room for doubt, and those not willing to adhere to The Path are shunned by their friends and family, abandoned by the only life they have ever known. Meyerism may seem extreme, but really, there are facets of it that reflect every religion, and from the true believers to the charlatans, the doubters to the blind believers, every kind of follower is represented. The writers of The Path are careful to never point fingers, or paint with broad strokes, which makes the experience of watching that much more thoughtful and at times, heartbreaking.

Lesson learned... Never follow Hugh Dancy into the woods.
Okay. I'd follow Hugh Dancy into the woods.
Like the show's central religion, The Path is a commitment, as well as a leap of faith, but it's one you'll be grateful you took in the end. Personally, I can't wait for season two.

Bonus kudos to The Path for being one of the only shows currently airing anywhere that is consistently written and/or directed by women.

Full Season Rating: 5 long winter walks out of 5

Season One of The Path is available in its entirety on Hulu now!

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