The Horror Honeys: The Horror Honeys Do Pilot Season ~ Fox

The Horror Honeys Do Pilot Season ~ Fox

The 2015-16 TV season isn't even over yet, but the 2016-17 pilot season is already heating up, and horror television is hotter than ever. Every major cable network has at least one horror or sci-fi based TV show in their potential roster, so the Honeys decided to take a peek at each one, then rate its odds of getting picked up, as well its odds of survival if it does (on a scale of 1-5).

This episode, we're going through the potential genre pick-ups on Fox!

Corey Hawkins, star of 24: Legacy
24: Legacy ~ Despite the fact that the 24 limited series didn't do as well as anticipated, nor was it as good as anyone hoped, Fox has gone straight to series with 24: Legacy, a spin-off with no Jack Bauer. Twelve episodes were already ordered, so Fox obviously has faith in this similarly-formatted, Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton, Iron Man 3) vehicle. The question is... will viewers tune in without the promise of Jack and his magic bladder?

Linnie's Projections:
Odds of Survival ~ 3: Since pickup isn't an issue here, the real question is whether or not Legacy will survive. Personally, I never connected with the original show, so I don't see myself tuning in for the spin-off. I do suspect Fox will commit to the whole season, but calling longevity on this one is hard. It's all going to hinge on Hawkins skills as an action star, as well as his camaraderie with his co-stars, who include Jimmy Smits, Miranda Otto, and Dan Bucatinsky.

Kat's Projections:
Odds of Survival ~ 3: I am NOT a 24 fan, so I don't know how this will pan out. But, my fingers are always crossed for a POC action lead and some compelling stories, but overall, uneasy... because Fox.

First images from Son of Zorn, feat. Cheryl Hines & the voice of Jason Sudeikis
Son of Zorn ~ Fox has already put in a straight-to-series order on this comedy/animation hybrid, and it's not hard to see why. Fox absolutely dominates when it comes to adult-oriented network animation (Family Guy, The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers), and Son of Zorn is unique enough to both stand out and fit right in. Sudeikis voices Zorn, a fully-animated legendary warrior who returns to Earth for the first time in ten years, to reunite with his live-action son and work a mundane office job. Early buzz on this comedy has been exceptional, despite some behind-the-scenes drama, and the combination of novelty and nostalgia is guaranteed to draw viewers off the bat.

Linnie's Projections:
Odds of Survival ~ 4: Again, pick-up isn't an issue here, since Son of Zorn went straight-to-series. And you'd think given Fox's track record with animation, survival was a given. But... Do you remember Allen Gregory? Axe Cop? High School USA? Lucas Bros. Moving Co.? The Napoleon Dynamite cartoon? Sit Down, Shut Up? Golan the Insatiable? Exactly. Fox has swung for the fences with their animation many a time and whiffed hard more than they've hit home runs. But Son of Zorn has a hell of hook with the hybrid style, and I know I'll tune in based on novelty and a love of Sudeikis alone. So time will tell if this one works.

Kat's Projections:
Odds of Survival ~ 3: I'm HOPING that Son of Zorn does well. The proven success of other adult oriented animation series makes me think that this will work, but there's a LOT of failure involved in the background too. But, I'm honestly pulling for this to be super fun and relatable. Sidenote: Am I the only one super attracted to Zorn? Anyone?

Every Honey's reaction to the announcement of this show

The Exorcist ~ And here we have the most simultaneously frustrating and intriguing pilot in the 2016-17 season. One of the biggest trends this pilot season is the adaptation of films into TV shows (Lethal Weapon, Cruel Intentions, Taken, and that's just for starters), but no one expected The Exorcist to make that list. Word is that the pilot is based on William Peter Blatty's book, and not the film, but with a modern twist. Right now, the project is listed on IMDb as a "TV movie," starring Geena Davis, and Camille Guaty, and the priests will be played by Alfonso Herrera (sploosh) and Ben Davis (double sploosh). But still, we don't know much plot-wise, and with no buzz, it's all conjecture until we see some actual scenes.

Linnie's Projections:
Odds of Pickup ~ 4
Odds of Survival ~ 2: The only way a show like this is going to last is if they approach it from the American Horror Story style of production. One exorcism story isn't going to sustain multiple seasons of a show, and if it becomes some sort of "exorcism of the week" procedural, that is going to alienate genre fans. The first episode can be the best hour of television we've ever seen, but the real survival of this show is going to hinge on what comes after, and I don't have high hopes.

Kat's Projections:
Odds of Pickup ~ 4
Odds of Survival ~ 0: I'm biased and I hope this idea dies a messy death... The Exorcist is my favorite movie ever and the fact that it's being taken to series makes me all kinds of visceral angry. Sure, I should be open to these things, and ordinarily, I would be, but FUCK THIS. First, I don't know HOW this is going to translate into a TV series that could last longer than 6 episodes unless it's a secret anthology series which also makes me mad. I don't see this lasting beyond the pilot, and if it does, I plan on being angry the whole fucking time.  

UPDATE: Since we wrote this, The Exorcist got a full series pick-up. And we have a trailer! You win Fox... We'll watch. But we still don't think it will last.

Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, steaming up your living room in 2016!
Prison Break re-fresh~ The nostalgia train keeps on rolling, but this time, it's rolling into a station that's a little more new. Prison Break was a huge cult favorite that ran four reasons, from 2005-09, and introduced the world to Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell (he of every terrible straight-to-DVD sequel you've ever seen). I'm not sure who was clamoring for a Prison Break TV sequel, but we're getting it, and there were worse shows to reboot, that's for sure. No plot details have been released, but the original cast is back (is Sarah Wayne Callies included?), as well as the production team. But given Purcell and Miller are also on CW's Legends of Tomorrow, no word yet on an actual return date. That being said, the entire "event series" has already been given a go.

Linnie's Projections:
Odds of Survival ~ Irrelevant: This one is an event series, so survival isn't an issue. Fox has committed to what will likely be a 6-12 episode one-off airing. The question is, will enough people tune in to justify doing it again. And I think the answer is yes. If Fox is willing to factor in DVR and Streaming views, I suspect Prison Break is going to be the biggest surprise for Fox of the '16-'17 season.

Kat's Projections:
Odds of Survival ~ Don't care. Wow... totally don't care. Why the hell does this need a sequel so long after the fact?? I'm aware that I'm highly outnumbered in this... but I can't. I just... I can't.

This season, Fox has an interesting mix of their typical quirky comedies, as well as some serious dark and heady dramas. Fox can be hit and miss with all of their programming, but when they hit, they hit big, and it's looking like they're going to have some winners this coming season.

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(Source: Variety)