The Horror Honeys: The Horror Honeys Do Pilot Season ~ ABC

The Horror Honeys Do Pilot Season ~ ABC

The 2015-16 TV season isn't even over yet, but the 2016-17 pilot season is already heating up, and horror television is hotter than ever. Every major cable network has at least one horror or sci-fi based TV show in their potential roster, so the Honeys decided to take a peek at each one, then rate its odds of getting picked up, as well its odds of survival if it does (on a scale of 1-5).

This episode, we're starting with the potential horror shows on ABC!

Freddie Stroma on the set of Time After Time
Time After Time ~ This ABC pilot is perhaps the strangest one of the crop for the upcoming season. Based on the Nicholas Meyer movie from 1979 and produced by Kevin Williamson, Time After Time stars Freddie Stroma (Harry Potter) as a time-traveling H.G. Wells, who pursues Jack the Ripper (Josh Bowman, Revenge) across various decades. The original film is something of a cult-classic, but will the show appeal to both general television and genre audiences? There is no question that the concept is unique, and could easily sustain at least three years of solid mystery. But the reality is, everything will hinge on the chemistry between stars Stroma and Bowman.

Linnie's Projection:
Odds of Pickup ~ 4
Odds of Survival ~ 2: ABC loves their genre shows (Forever, for example), but they rarely know what to do with them once they have them. Unless they commit, I don't see Time After Time surviving past one season

Kat's Projection:
Odds of Pickup ~ 4
Odds of Survival ~  3: While I love the concept of this show, there's no way it'll be able to hold audience attention unless they do some kind of spectacular cat and mouse kind of thing. Ideas that work well in film are sometimes a bitch to translate to TV... we've seen it fail before. Cautiously optimistic.
UPDATE: ABC did pick-up Time After Time for a straight-to-series order. So now we just wait and see if survives.

Designated Survivor
 ~ ABC has been looking for an action show that could compare with 24 for some time, finding some success with last season's Quantico. So it's not surprising that they've hired on Kiefer Sutherland for a new political thriller series in Designated Survivor. After an attack on Washington, Kiefer is a low-ranking cabinet member who finds himself president, as everyone else is dead. Designated Survivor has a diverse cast, an interesting premise, and has already been picked up for a full 13-episode order. So the question isn't so much if it will be picked up, but if it will survive.

Linnie's Projection:
Odds of Survival ~ 4: ABC is going to throw all of their weight behind this show. It won't be cheap to produce, and they are counting heavily on the 24 crowd following it to air. The fact they already committed to thirteen episodes means they believe it's a solid investment. Now it's just a matter of seeing how the public responds.

Kat's Projection:
Odds of Survival ~ 3: Political thrillers, especially smart ones, do really well... and with the success of House of Cards, the major networks shouldn't be blamed for chasing that carrot. However, a hapless low-level politico isn't as interesting as an intelligent schemer, so the machinations going on behind his back had better be super amazing.

Gina Torres: kicker of ass, wrangler of Fishburne, wearer of power suits like nobody's business

The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez ~ Billed as a Cuban take on Macbeth, this drama has a lot going for it, none of which will likely save it in the end. Exec produced by the showrunners behind the beloved but ratings-challenged Agent Carter, Eva Sofia Valdez focuses on the title character (played by Gina Torres, a Honey favorite), a successful Cuban entrepreneur, and her single-minded pursuit of the American dream. While it would be wonderful to see a show with a female POC main character survive on prime time, ABC's history with similar concepts is sketchy, so while it may get picked up, odds of survival aren't good.

Linnie's Projection:
Odds of Pickup ~ 5
Odds of Survival ~ 0: I'd love to see this show kick some ass, but the list of shows with female leads that have survived on ABC is short, and the list of dramas on ABC with a female POC that have survived past one season is... four. One of which is Mistresses (eye roll). So things don't look good for Eve Sofia Valdez.

Kat's Projection:

Odds of Pickup ~ 3
Odds of Survival ~ 0: As much as I want to see this one survive, I can't see this getting beyond a handful of episodes, which is completely fucking tragic. How often do you get a gender-bent, POC, Shakespearean adaptation? Never... and that probably won't change anytime soon.

Everything else slated for a possible run on ABC is either a sitcom or a legal drama, all of which we'd firmly plant in the "none chance of survival" category. More of the same, even on a network doing pretty well with their sitcoms, means eventual burnout, and said burnout is hovering just on the edge of the horizon for ABC.

Next Up: NBC!

(Source: Variety)