The Horror Honeys: Sci-Fi Honey Jam ~ 'Sister Rust'

Sci-Fi Honey Jam ~ 'Sister Rust'

Sister Rust, where are you now? 
I met you over rocky mountain. 
Feeling blue, waiting for a last frame to walk through, all together. 
But when you closed your eyes, it was then I realized. 
You were so far away. 
There was nothing I could do, to stop you feeling blue. 

Life was given to us a billion years ago, now you know what to do with it... The closing line from Luc Besson's Lucy was like a punch to the gut after an emotional third act in which our heroine sacrificed herself for the good of man kind. But as usual, Besson knows the best way to ease viewers out of the theater is with a soothing, and deceptively deep, closing song. Which is why we were treated to Damon Albarn's "Sister Rust," a song so perfectly suited to Lucy, I still have it stuck in my head, two years later. ~RH