The Horror Honeys: Honey HOLY SHIT Buzz ~ The First 5 Mins of 'Preacher!"

Honey HOLY SHIT Buzz ~ The First 5 Mins of 'Preacher!"

Holy shit, guys. Holy. Shit. This could not have come at a better time, in re my #LessAngryNerd crusade, because any nerves I had via AMC's adaptation of Preacher? Gone. Long gone.

I am, officially, a very, VERY, VERY, happy nerd.

Dominic Cooper as Rev. Jesse Custer
There was no question going in to AMC's version of the notoriously... unusual... work of Garth Ennis that they had visually nailed the casting. But now, with a look at the intro, fans can rest assured that producers Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg really were committed to getting Preacher right. Because seriously, guys. SERIOUSLY.

Shit. Just watch.

Are you as head-explodingly excited about this as I am?