The Horror Honeys: Honey Comics Buzz ~ Harley is Getting Her Own Movie. Already.

Honey Comics Buzz ~ Harley is Getting Her Own Movie. Already.

Love you, girl. I do, really.

In an effort to make the internet a less toxic place, I am officially doing everything in my power to be a less angry nerd. That conscious effort is starting today, with yesterday's announcement that Margot Robbie is getting her own Harley Quinn movie before Suicide Squad is even released.

Here goes nothing, guys.

Now, my darling demons, let's start with the good. I am 100% behind any news that involves women toplining a comics-based movie, even when that news comes from DC, a house I don't particularly trust. I adore Margot Robbie as an actress (she's funny and damn if she isn't utterly captivating no matter what the role) and I love that she's producing the film as well. That leads me to believe that she is truly invested in the character, which is important, because Harley Quinn is more layered than many realize, and a spin-off could be totally fascinating.

DC's Birds of Prey
I am also stoked because according to Variety, both Batgirl and the Birds of Prey are going to be part of Harley's film. That means that any of almost TWENTY female comic characters could appear in the film, but we're pretty much guaranteed Barbara Gordon and Black Canary (who was a character on CW's Arrow but is technically no longer). So with Wonder Woman on the horizon, and now Harley Quinn, the tides might finally be changing for women in the comics universe.

You, Nat. You're my girl. FOR LIFE!
Now, my concern: I worry that DC is jumping the gun a little by announcing a Harley Quinn film before anyone has seen Suicide Squad. After multi-million dollar re-shoots to make it more "jokey" following the success of Deadpool, is DC already convinced that their departure from the brooding is going to fail? Or are they so confident, that they are barreling ahead at 1000mph and just hoping that everyone jumps on board? 

Worst of all... was this a knee-jerk announcement after Marvel's Kevin Feige told Deadline they were "creatively and emotionally committed to a Black Widow film?" I genuinely hope that isn't the case. In my effort to be a better nerd, I'm happy to admit there is room for ALL of these badass bitches in the cinematic universe. I just pray to the comic gods that there was nothing cynical about this Harley Quinn announcement.

What do YOU think, fellow nerds?
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